Bouncy Ball [Bouncy]
Bouncy Ball [Bouncy]
February 25, 2009
ABOUT Bouncy Ball


Bouncyball is providing a great coop server for quite a long time now and this is the steamgroup of it.
We have the most maps and best addons and in cooperative terms a very stable server.
The server is hosted 24/7 so feel free to stop by.
You can acces the server by clicking on Play on our server below.

Enjoy our server? Click the request an invite and we will allow you in as soon as possible.

----- Frame Of Fame ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Henky!!: Has payed and supported the server for a long time.
SimonTheOne: The oldest admin (except henky) on the server. Has provided good plugins towards the server.
Alienmario : Reliable and active admin who has done an amazing job coding some of the main server defining addons and creating good quality maps.
Xen0morph : The guy who knows how to fix shit. Good reliable admin and great mapper.
[FT]Pavel : Created several server fixes regarding npc's (Combine fix , etc)
Alm: Has scripted several plugins for the server.
Devieus: Was the first player to reach 10.000 and 30.000 Credits.
Driver aka Ed^: Was the first player to reach 20.000 Credits.
Virus : The only virus to effect credit databases in an extreme way he was the first to get the Henky Rank ingame (50.000 credits) and then topped this by getting the "Totally Admin Worthy" rank wich was originally put there as a joke (100.000 credits).
Turboo : The first one to dethrone virus after his spree of getting rank records.
Psychopeti: Another player scoring points at an unbelievable pace also outranking the unoutrankable.
Sic: First donator, Mapper and has been a activate admin in the past.
Knuckle Head: Donator
Geferon : Donator
Tekrin: Trusted Donator
Nooner: Did some of the Bouncyball map fixes.
And ofc all previous admins who are not mentioned here.

NOTE: Due to scammers around the steam comminty we sometimes lock the group so we are able to kick them out. If you want to join when its locked contact one of the admins or someone you know who is in the group. And ask them for an invite.
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New map names and a Firework Party at our place!
Increased DDOS activity
Wrong place to ask, Bouncy is one of the very active server that has players at most times of the day especially in the european evening hours.
why is HL2DM so dead nowadays
[Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC] Sep 8, 2017 @ 1:21am 
Server will be unavailible @ September 12 06:00 Central EU time due to host maintainance. We expect it to be back shortly after the upgrade has been completed at there end.
[Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC] Aug 16, 2017 @ 4:08pm 
We are now officially on Matrix! Join us in the official chat room on (For those who dislike making a Matrix account or preffer the old can still reach us at #bouncyball on without missing out)
[Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC] Jun 17, 2017 @ 10:16am 
Website, databases and downloads are offline because of a power failure in the datacenter. They will be back as soon as the engineers can restore the power.
[Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC] May 12, 2017 @ 11:20am 
Content is extremely welcome and i'd like to encourage everyone to start mapping.
To meet our content criteria the map has to function stable and needs to feature npc combat in a broad sense.
We run a custom fix for combines, its not the same as the other servers have so some features might differ. Combines, Striders, Helicopters, Metropolice are all fully functional on our server without any effort required from the mapper the server will automatically fix them. What will not work is giving combines custom models based on the playermodels (They need the proper npc animations) and rebels are currently not supported. For local testing we advise to put the combines as vortigaunts until later versions of the map and to test your map singleplayer. Ofcourse we allow public testing of the map to.

I have send you a friend request on steam so you have a more direct way of asking questions about content development, feel free to send me maps on steam as we always welcome new mappers!
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February 25, 2009