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Game Trading Made Easy

Do you have dozens or even hundreds of unredeemed bundle games? Want to trade those digital leftovers for wishlist games? If yes, can help you find and manage those trades.

Organize your game collections, track across multiple stores and platforms.
Match your wishlist with others' tradeables to find the most likely trades.
Trade because one gamer's bundle leftovers are another's wishlist games.

Start by signing in through Steam with a public profile:
NYLIGE KUNNGJØRINGER at 1: What's new, what's to come?
Site Updates (since June)
Collections A rework of the collection pages with a focus on improving Filter and Match functions.

Match now includes the offer history for each user with the option to skip users and hide them from matches for a certain amount of time.

Unlisted Want to keep track of all your games but don't want to receive offers for them? Go to your tradable or wishlist collection and set the quantity to 0. The game will remain on the list, but will not appear in matches or offers.

Tiers Provide an indication of what you believe are fair offers by dividing your tradable and wishlist into high, mid and low tiers. The goal is to increase the number of accepted offers by giving general guidelines of what you expect for tier-tagged games.

Background For those that prefer a black background, can change the layout theme from light to dark in preferences on your profile page.

Still to come: new offers page. You can view the changes by switching to the preview theme.

State of the Site has seen 43,807 offers, of which 11,547 completed offers have led to 30,887 games and items exchanged between 568 users. The offer failure rate has been around 1.2% (marked as failed by either side of the offer).

Things that have gone well in the first year
  • Community: friendly, flexibility dealing with a site that's been a work in progress.
  • Engagement: experienced users have demonstrated's potential.
  • Demand: there seems to be a growing need for trading tools.

Things that need improvement
  • Instructions: very little that explains how the site works.
  • Simplicity: "Game Trading Made Easy" accurate for those new to trading?
  • Downtime: 7 hours and 18 minutes (118 outages) in the previous 12 months.

Ways you can help the site
  • Feedback: send suggestions through the Steam group or through chat. If there's something broken or annoying on the site, communicate that, even if it seems small.
  • Teaching: patient with all users, but in particular, those that are new to the site. Share tips about using the site. Today's noob newb could be next year's 100+ completed offer trader.
  • MySQL optimization: if you're experienced with MySQL, the current bottleneck of site performance, your expertise could improve the site.

Those with 100 or more completed offers to different users

Thanks to those that invited friends to the Steam group since last announcement:
Sergey Bessarab, SuruaT MoOn, Jacek Placek 666, SesameBun, Milouze, Bear, Smash_UK, Malibu Art, Eran G, live4truths, tonarilla

Summer sale over, yet always offers at
Sales Over, Bundles Return

More Bundles, More Trades

I had more fun ("fun") than I'd like to admit while clicking aimlessly for the summer sale minigame. It's hard to complain about discounts, but one disadvantage of Steam's headline-grabbing sale was the dearth of new bundles. Sales are great, but it's hard to top good bundles.

With the new Indiegala and Humble Bundle, both with a good deal of wishlisted games (especially if you're looking to get into Borderlands), it looks like the new bundle spigot has reopened. Check out available bundles at

Trading Cards

Chances are if you're playing games on Steam, you have trading cards. If you haven't already, add them to your tradeable list. If you don't want to receive cards in offers, you can add them to your blacklist. Go to and click Tradeable, Wishlist or Blacklist buttons.

Beyond the generic "Trading Card" you can now sync your Steam trading card inventory and then add missing cards to your trading card specific wishlist. This inventory will show up in offers and allow you to pick specific cards for trading. This is a new feature, so if you run into any problems, post to the group forums or message bartervg.

To start, add Trading Card to your tradeable list, set the quantity > 1, then click that quantity to go to the card section. It looks like this,


Thanks to fellow users, the site has partial translations in Polski (thanks to Tenchi), Italiano (THE TENTH), Português (virotti, Darth Sidious [PT]), Français (Milouze), Deutsch (☀ geoglitch) and Español. While everyone already using the site likely has a working knowledge of English, this could help if you share your tradeable link on other sites that aren't in English.

To view the site in another language, change the language preference in your profile. Where a translation isn't available, the text defaults to English.

Decommissioned, Free

Any user can tag games to alert everyone else of potential trading issues. To given those tags more visibility, I started to forum threads for decommissioned games (removed from Steam store) and giveaways. In addition, plan to add notices on the offer page for better disclosure of these issues. As always, your suggestions help make the site more useful.


To everyone using the site and helping build a great community. To FedGuard, ChibiCthulhu, and MakoSipper for inviting their friends to this group since the last announcement.

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Tomek sent me this link
The Steam sale related cards are now available. The sale expected to begin next Thursday.
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Which doesn't matter much anymore cause gifting/storing is ded (ー_ー ) 11. mai @ 18:37 29. apr @ 3:37 
@Pan Dimension Being, thanks for volunteering. You should be able to see an input form at the bottom of but check out before adding bundles to avoid duplicates.
Pan Dimensional Being 29. apr @ 1:45 
Definitely up to helping add bundles and other such things if you guys still need aid.
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