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STEAM GROUP bartervg
November 25, 2014
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Nov 16 @ 5:32pm
Downtime today?
Nov 15 @ 12:18pm
HELP, Anyone here trade with kiwi and receive a false -rep feedback?
Nov 15 @ 7:33am
Pending offer not currently available
Nov 11 @ 6:03pm
Humble bundle: "This key is currently restricted in your country (country)" only there or not there?
Nov 11 @ 8:04am
PINNED: Stuff on that is broken
Nov 9 @ 2:16pm
Overview of all games inlcuding Have and Wishlist count
Nov 9 @ 11:33am
PINNED: Updates
"I requested to cancel" added as a new failed offer reason.

The side that initiates the cancellation should fail the offer as "I requested to cancel" and the other side typically would choose "I agree to cancel" or "abandoned."

Earlier, the site was unavailable due to a change I made to the game table in the database. The modification locked that table and prevented updates to game profiles. This was related to modifying enum values. I'll add to those fields rather than modify or remove existing values in order to avoid locking critical database tables.
Titles such as 位面穿越者-三国传 (A Bit Crosser-Three Kingdoms) were displaying as blank or [ Title Missing ]. This appears to be due to the PHP wordwrap function, which isn't UTF-8 safe. Wordwrap was used to prevent game titles like from breaking the layout, especially on mobile.

I'll likely remove the usage of wordwrap and deal with long titles with CSS, such as overflow:hidden and text-overflow: ellipsis.
I've received and seen several offers with already owned games that were hidden on the publc Steam library and thus appeared as unowned.

In order to reduce this, the "revoked" collection appears on the offer page. This collection is a workaround, there's no revoked collection on Steam. When it works properly, it will show games that you, or your trading partner, had in library, but that no longer appear publicly (regardless of your privacy settings). Several potential casues:
  • Publisher or developer revoked the key,
  • You permanently removed the game,
  • Valve "no longer has a business relationship" with the game-shaped object developer,
  • The sync process failed
In the last two cases, the game would appear as "revoked" but you still own the game.

theemu also created an informational bundle with the removed games at

In addition, "decomissioned" is no longer included in the "⚠" trading notices. It is a separate category with the icon "⎚" (open to better icon suggestions). On mouseover, it will display the Steamtracker status, e.g. Delisted, Purchased Disabled, Unreleased, Banned.
Nov 14 @ 8:44am
PINNED: Post Suggestions Here
Nov 7 @ 7:47am
A Standard Bundle Count
Nov 7 @ 6:57am
Fulfillment Rate Needs A Tweak
I've underestimated the impact of fulfillment rate, especially to users with 10-20 completed offers where every expired or cancelled offer is a large percentage. I also have a sense that other users have been attentive to their fulfillment rate and don't want to see changes to it.

Therefore, the focus will be on changes that can reduce expires and cancels, and then considering changes to the fulfillment rate.
There's plenty to debate about fulfillment rate specifically, let's keep this topic related to that.
Originally posted by theemu:
Is it necessary for the PROPOSED offers to expire at all? If remove the expiry, then the fulfillment rate calculation and offer sending would become simpler also.
Don't all offers come with an implicit expiration date? I included expires times on offer as an effort to make that point explicit. Although there are arguments about it, both sides should have some common expectation of how long it will take to decide and how long it will be to complete.

Originally posted by theemu:
Unusual offers like removed game that has high value like 50 CSGO keys usually requires extended time to consider from the seller if they are not in hurry or they are unsure do they want to trade/sell it in the first place.
I can add more expire options, but since this since rare, perhaps as a non-standard preference or to experienced users.

Originally posted by AAO Deadmano:
An expired offer is not really a lack of fulfillment, is it? If I had accepted the offer, then sure, that would be, as I agreed to something and then let it fall through.
I agree, there should be a difference. I never expected that fulfillment rate would have much significance and thought it would be, at most, a small incentive to respond to offers. However, from what you describe, it seems like that incentive has become too strong.

Originally posted by AAO Deadmano:
My fulfillment rate was at 63% when I just got onto the site. I then declined a few offers and countered one, and now my fulfillment rate is at 59%... I thought declining offers didn't reduce your fulfillment rate? :rshocked:
They do, but only until the cached offer data updates. It's something I have to fix to update faster.

I'm always surprised how this metric gained so much importance and generates contention. One early feature, which is no longer in effect, would set someone to unavailable as soon as one offer expired. Perhaps, turn that back on with the option to auto decline any pending offers. Also, I created a modified fulfillment rate to test.
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