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November 25, 2014
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Can't find a specifc game or package on
This is the topic for missing games.
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Originally posted by luckz: and form
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
the downside of using is that it's missing DLC names like
Originally posted by luckz:
Humble Freedom
haz Beat Hazard Mega Bundle Retail
so , , , in one key :)
(currently added separately)
I removed the 4 individual games and added

I used rather than because 40241 appears to be the same but has a store page with the title art.
You can now search for Steam appIDs and subIDs by URL, for example

In addition, if the appID or subID is not in the database, there is a request addition form. Beyond recording the results, this doesn't do much since I still have to manually add games. However, it's the first step to automating the process.
I get "Error Unable to request addition." when trying to add
Originally posted by Seemannsdämlack:
I get "Error Unable to request addition." when trying to add
I added Woodle Tree Adventures - Soundtrack at

How did you request the addition? I went to (which now redirects to Woodle soundtrack) then I clicked the button and it worked for me.
Exactly the same way, permission issue (like set to only admin/mods)?
Is there another app or sub you'd like to add? We could test with that.
Would need to find one ^^
theemu Jun 6 @ 2:41am 
Last edited by theemu; Jun 6 @ 2:47am
Originally posted by theemu:
here's one: Trine 2: Complete Story + =>

There has been 1 addition request, and it was from theemu. So although it's probably too difficult to find, that form appears to at least save the results without errors now.
luckz Jun 11 @ 11:04am 
Originally posted by Rahzadan:
Submitted a request for that just now, coincidentally. Did you buy the bundle tier to ensure that it is exactly that sub? (I didn't BTA)
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