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A Place in the West HLAPW
STEAM グループ
A Place in the West HLAPW
A Place in the West について

A Half-Life comic book series

Now available on Steam:

In a devastated America, mysterious assailants are kidnapping children, and a team of scientists has vanished. Return to the acclaimed Half-Life universe in this fan-made comic, and follow three survivors into the strange and dangerous city of New Franklin.

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Chapter 2 + Soundtrack now ON SALE!
Store Page Update - New Trailer + Chapter 3 images!
20 件のコメント
Ross 5月2日 4時00分 
We're really pleased to hear it!
Saxton Hale CEO of Mann Co. 5月2日 2時00分 
i found the sound track and listened to some songs from the track and i have to say its really good
Saxton Hale CEO of Mann Co. 5月2日 1時52分 
Is the sound track a pre order or is it out now. I just bought it and i dont know how to access it.
Ross 4月10日 10時13分 
Hi CrimsonLee,

See this post here for your answer!
CrimsonLee 4月10日 7時48分 
You're hoping for a lot of people who buy your comics.
But we did not receive a translation into Russian. He will? Two months have passed since the release...
Should we wait? How many?
(P.S.Sorry my english is not "very good")
Saxton Hale CEO of Mann Co. 3月14日 15時58分 
Thanks for the help Yorick