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Weasel's Lair's Regulars WeaselsLair
September 15, 2012
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Weasel Oct 24, 2015 @ 3:15pm
Mission Statement
The mission of Weasel's Lair has changed and grown over the years. Here is where it stands today:
  • Political-Incorrectness:
    Provide a safe-haven for those kicked from other game-servers for sheer political-incorrectness (pron-sprays, etc.). See Dark-Humour below for more details.

  • Anti-Bullying:
    Provide a safe-haven for those bullied-off other game-servers - for being (or claiming to be) female, LBGT, Brony, or whatever other self-identified demographic. Even Republicans and Tea-Partiers (aka "Tea-Baggers") are welcome here - as long as they can take a joke.

  • Dark-Humour:
    Provide a safe-haven for those who like very dark ("Special Dark"?) humour. This may include in-game jokes and/or discussions about things like (but not limited to):
    • Conspiracy-theories
    • Recreational drug-use.
    • Race-relations.
    • Gender-equality.
    • Gender-identity.
    • What defines "normal".

    NOTE: Do not assume that jokes or/or discussions about such things are any form of endorsement of those by Weasel, or any admins or members of the broader Weasel's Lair community. Of course, only true fucking morons would likely assume that. So, if you assume that, you now know what you truly are.

  • Second-Chances:
    Sometimes people go too far (with a joke or playing around with cheats, etc.). Let's not permanently punish people for such things. Eventually most of us mature a bit.

    Weasel's Lair has a high-tolerance for "miscreants" - often those that are banned from other game servers - typically for stupid or politically-incorrect stuff (pron sprays, making fun of other players, political-incorrectness, etc.). However, do not confuse reluctance to ban players for a reluctance to gag / mute / silence players - particularly if their ranting gets too disruptive or distracting.

    Weasel's Lair bans almost nobody on a permanent basis. However, temporary bans (or even long-term bans) are sometimes issued for those caught cheating. Usually those bans are imposed on an automated basis - as detected by systems like SourceMod Anti-Cheat (SMAC). However, no permanent bans are issued on an automated basis.
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Weasel Oct 24, 2015 @ 3:16pm 
Change-log (most recent activity at the top):
  • 2015-10-24: Moved various text from group profile page and incorporated into this page.
  • 2015-10-24: Initial implementation of in-game !mission command.
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Gás Flúor Nov 30, 2015 @ 8:48pm 
Best thing about the servers is the high tolerance for almost everything, sometimes chatting there is better than playing the actual game. Also, no bitchy admins. gg wasl
Weasel Jan 8, 2016 @ 11:37am 
Originally posted by Yskie:
no bitchy admins.
Lol. Present company included?
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