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November 14, 2012
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Ricky Sep 19, 2015 @ 8:24am
[Hall of Shame]
List of hackers in Project Zomboid we have banned:

List of people in Project Zomboid we have banned for other reasons: Friends with a cheater, not reporting a cheater, using hacked items. Accusing normal players of cheating. Friends with a cheater, not reporting a cheater, using hacked items. Accusing normal players of cheating. Griefing people in PvE server. Griefing people in PvE server. Griefing people in PvE server. Griefing people in PvE server. Griefing people in PvE server. Griefing people in PvE server.
"Louis" floor +1 11711,6687,0 [Base.Notebook]. "Get fucked son! i robbed you again! BIATCH!!!!!!" -Ban to be lifted 26th Dec 2016. Considering i don't unban people i hope you consider this fair. You can thank your friends for that. -Unbanned, but this is kept for record.
-Banned for reoffending. Really sad to see how you waste your time.
"Louis" added Base.PipeBomb at 11683,6910,0.
Asking for a ban to put it simple, racist name, being racist and shit talking.
Being disrepectful / luring zombies after being asked to leave their property in PvE. Can appeal against this ban if you learn to respect our players and server.
Seen by admin breaking structures with intent of causing destruction. Permanently banned.
Deliberate:"Scruff" added Base.PipeBombSensorV3 at 11692,6913,0.
Rude/Racsist/Trashtalk, not welcome in our PvE friendly server.

Bans Shared from other servers:
Searched logs for AKM and found this guy has brought one in and many other items.
Lots of duped items brought in.
Had brought in lost of items, had backed up save multiple times, including to TP around the map.
Bunch of friends greifing people:
"baojoykee" removed IsoCompost (camping_01_19) at 11843,6692,0.
"baojoykee" added Base.PipeBomb at 11822,6674,0.11825,6679
Some sort of hatred and felt the need to keep attacking ones house.
"Mr Anderson" added Base.PipeBomb at 1xx53,7xx3,0.
"Mr Anderson" added Base.PipeBomb at 1xx50,7xx5,0.

Kiting zombies to players and being a troll because his main server was down. No intention of respecting our server or playing on it.

Luring zombies onto players trying to build and asked not to, stole from them, then watched and warned by Admin and still continued.

Both being racist and provoking people in chat.

Breaking peoples bases for wood.. not welcome.

Calling the host a moron x2 without ever meeting him, disrepecting our server because of server settings you don't agree with. Some reason you mention your gender and sexuality in a public chat and the complain about it? Disrepectful and an immature brat? like you are not welcome in our community. A normal people would make suggestions about our server setting, which we have listened many times. Good riddance.

Trashing a community place. 23 objects in total.
"Pedrila2" removed (fixtures_counters_01_6) at 11688,6912,1.
"Pedrila2" removed (fixtures_counters_01_7) at 11688,6914,1.
"Pedrila2" removed (fixtures_counters_01_7) at 11688,6915,1.

Deliberately destorying players property.

[28-08-17 14:12:21] 76561198071050906 "Colt" added Base.PipeBomb at 11686,6910,1.
[28-08-17 14:12:21] 76561198071050906 "Colt" added Base.PipeBomb at 11686,6910,1.

Breaking peoples walls for attention or something and spamming, perhaps abit immature? I cba with giving warnings to people like you so a ban it is.



Rude, disrepectful and trolling. Not what our server is about.
Reconsider your behaviour and you will be welcome back.

Breaking floor in a community built structure also attempting to dupe items.


Greifing, seems to go around randomly breaking others players structures with intent.

Trolling in chat and spamming over the mic.

Breaking into player bases

Duping items and characters.

Breaking player houses and very disrespectful to players in chat.

Greifing community built structures, then reporting to admin as someone else is greifing, trying to make the community think this person is the good guy after fixing up what they broke while blaming others? However multiple server logs do not lie on multiple occasions, its quite sad how you manipulated people.. I can only hope this ban served as a lesson for you to not abuse the trust of people.

Destroying property deliberately.

Being rude and trolling in chat.

Being disrepectful to players.

Warnings that are closed to a ban: received a ban for duping.

Previously banned for breaking into player houses and destroying stuff.

Preventing people from getting access to their home and doesnt seem to care much for our rules.
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Zarcon May 2, 2016 @ 6:49pm 
Somebody is messing around on the server today, going as Neegan and teleporting into bases spouting fire.
Ricky May 2, 2016 @ 11:56pm 
Are you able to get their Steam Profile and paste the link here? You can press Shift+Tab in game. Press View players. Then View previous players. Thankyou for letting me know. I can't find any player going by Neegan though.
Zarcon May 3, 2016 @ 12:53am 
Afraid not, I may not have the spelling of the guy right, but it was at least similar to the TWD character. At the time only my guy Jr. and one other were on the server, the guy appeared in my base within seconds of my logging in, I logged out fast to not encourage him further.
dazgrum May 14, 2016 @ 2:40pm 
guy with name N0st
steam name not visible
Up all 10 in moment kill hardcore players with haking. If its not true check it.
Flokaa_the_cunt May 20, 2016 @ 12:43pm 
hey ricky, dont wanna bother u but i got a problem on your usually awesome pz-server, i just got kicked out and am not able to login with that name again at all, would really appreciate if you could help me out, dont wanna loose my progress :( name is Gay_cunt, i know its a shitty name, i can change it if u like but please help me :(
Flokaa_the_cunt May 20, 2016 @ 12:50pm 
errr, and nost is no hacker, i tried proving that too, but he really is just an skilled guy with way too much ammo on spare
Ricky May 21, 2016 @ 12:37am 
Hi Floka, You have not been banned, Add me to friends and we'll see if we can fix this. Also the loot issue you reported. I have done some things to see if it's fixed. An update on that would be appreciated. Thankyou :)
Flokaa_the_cunt May 21, 2016 @ 1:34am 
thanks man, you are awesome !!
And fuck you Mr Anderson. Enjoy your ban
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