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March 7, 2011
ABOUT (TAW) The Art Of Warfare

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The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who played Delta Force: Land Warrior together. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into an organization unlike any other.

Made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, TAW continues to adapt itself to the ever-changing landscape of gaming. With a solid foundation in its Code of Ethics, TAW has weathered the storms that have seen so many others fall.

The Art of Warfare is a home for those tired of compromise. This is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a group of like-minded gamers, but find a fun a friendly family.

If you want to put your time and energy into another small, fly-by-night "clan" that will be gone in a couple months, then TAW is NOT for you. However, if you are up to the challenge of taking part in a real online community of dedicated gamers, that have bonded together with a common purpose of more organized fun, and better gaming on the battlefield, then this is the place for you!
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Karaoke Night - 14 April
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Originally posted by Rekon:
Yup, we've all been here at one point or another. Wanting to buy something but flat broke, in the middle of pay week, realizing we shouldn't have bought that XL thick cheese stuffed crust meat lovers pizza with triple cheese and 4 extra toppings on it (but it was so worth it at the time).

Well, like always, TAW Shop is there for you. We're there in your hour of need, when you NEED those savings because you bought that pizza that would have given any normal person a heart attack, but being a gamer, you're stronger than that. We got you covered.

Here's what we're going to do for you. We're gonna throw the doors wide open to end February. We're gonna launch fireworks and rockets to light up your way.

We're going to......we're just really going to post it in this blog for you to see the savings you're going to get.

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Why are we doing this? The Doctor has a better question.....

As always, please remember to fill out the TAW SHOP VERIFICATION FORM after your purchase so we can award the TAW Swagster TAB

Arwith Feb 23 @ 10:39am 
@The Tactician: We don't use Discord, we do however have a Teamspeak server, however it is private for members :3 If you have friends in TAW already, they will be able to provide you with the details, or if you were to sign up to TAW, you would receive this information in your Bootcamp. With regards to the forums, you need to register first to be able to post. If you would like to talk to someone about a specific game, you can look at the game in the "Units" tab of the website, and email the Division Commander/Division Officer using <Officer Name from website> Alternatively you can email me at with which game you are interested in learning more about, and i can forward you on to the right person :)
[AEGIS] Tactician Feb 23 @ 10:26am 
hey guys im confused dont see any discord or TS3 link on website or here and i cant post in the forums ether
Paragon Jan 5 @ 8:34am 
Happy new year everyone!
DigitalRonin Dec 31, 2017 @ 6:43am 
I wish all of TAW a happy and healthy 2018! A new journey begins. :bluerose:
Sw𝖎ft FR12 Dec 20, 2017 @ 12:38am 
🎄 Merry up comin christmas 🎄
Arwith Nov 23, 2017 @ 11:19am 
Welcome back!