Summit Under Nothing {SuN} Clan
Summit Under Nothing {SuN} Clan
August 1, 2011
United States 
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Summit Under Nothing

Welcome to The Summit Under Nothing Group Page!

Summit Under Nothing was founded in October 2010 when two like-minded clans (<USA> and [NS]) joined together with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible gaming community to it's members. Their focus has been, and always will be, community over competition; quality over quantity. What this means is that they don't care about the size of the clan as long as they have a solid core of great people frequenting their servers. That said, numbers don't hurt either and at the current time of writing this (July 2014), the steam group has accumulated over 850 players.

SuN provides a new kind of gaming experience for its users. Aside from regular game servers, they also host completely original servers like their Event/Trade and Sandbox servers. You can read more about these servers on their website. Providing these servers is not a menial task and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication SuN puts into making their clan one of the best around.

We are just a group of ordinary (and not so ordinary) people that just want to have fun playing games with a dash of “science” thrown in. We play almost any game out there and host several servers of the top games that the clan is interested in. A lot of members enjoy Team Fortress 2, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor, League of Legends, as well as many others.

Be sure to visit out website at where you can find our Servers, Rules, FAQ, Donation info, and Forums. Also check us out on Twitter and Facebook
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{SuN} Trade works again! The Bank, Shops, TFS and more are all working!
{SuN} Trade Upgraded and now on Halloween Mode
Hey everyone,

Read the official {SuN} Forum post about this announcement here![]

This is a quick announcement. If you want more details check out the link above to our forums.

Here's what's new:
  • The {SuN} Trade Server has been upgraded to a 32 player server! - No more waiting for a spot at peak times. For now.
  • The new Halloween map is up on the server! - The map will be up until the end of october. Enjoy the spooky map.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to post them in the forum thread or down below. Thanks again for all the support.


Percula May 22 @ 11:05am 
{SuN} KTM May 22 @ 10:55am 
Percula May 21 @ 7:43am 
yo wtf is up with SuN on tf2? server doesn't exist or some shit
Lincoln May 21 @ 1:12am 
yo what happened to the tf2 sun server? it aint showing up on my favorite servers lists
Skissors May 20 @ 9:56am 
is the server up rn?
Percula May 14 @ 12:32pm 
following mieks message i have screenshots with proof