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December 22, 2010
M N Z . Mar 24, 2017 @ 1:28pm
Just another Requesting Language post.
Language: Malay

Why: Malay language is being used widely across the South East Asia, mainly are Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. I've seen quite a number of students, young adults who struggle to understand mainly after logging into Steam and when visiting stores.

Will I translate or suggest translations: Frankly speaking, I do not mind doing both, but since it will be tough for me to cope up doing both at once, translating, would be my preferred choice. 2 reasons to help back up it being my preferred choice, 1. I'm residing in Malaysia, and, yes it is my native language. 2. I am certified after 3 years studying Malay Language, just to be certified.

Finally, I'll say this to set the record straight, I did not study Malay, just for this request :). *joking. Anyway, but rather, I will be more than happy to do it, to help users living in those mentioned countries. For some users that may not have a chance to study English or may not know any other languages. I am willing to help.

Of course, this is only an idea/suggestion and request, and I hope it will be taken into consideration. From this point, it is the Valve and the community to vote yes or no.

I have trust in Steams community, so here is my personal email, Anyone feels the need or want to contact me for anything that requires Malay translation, feel free to contact me. Again, I trust thee to not spam my email. Thank you for your time and I hope to get a positive review on this.

Good day all.

-Nashwin Zain.
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M N Z . Mar 24, 2017 @ 1:30pm 
please ignore my steam profile name :) it doesn't look professional, but hey, when gaming, its the only time i can be a little unprofessional :D bye
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Malay Language or Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu is the language where Fnatic Team resides's country - MALAYSIA.

It will be a respect to all Malaysian Players if there is Malay language option for translation.
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