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December 22, 2010
Hello !
There are so many Estonian gamers who are using STEAM Game Client and like to translate it to Estonian.
Please add Estonian language too.
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mLansiO Feb 5 @ 2:13am 
"You can create a Steam Community group and start translating any localization files from existing games (usually in the /resource folder). If your Community group gains enough traction there might be a possibility of supporting your language on Steam Translation."

guurgle Feb 5 @ 2:17am 
Hello cyberSmith,

awesome to hear that you would like to get Estonian as an official language on Steam.

Valve is always looking forward to adding new languages but the current Estonian translation community is not active enough for that. Feel free to get some traction into one of the Estonian translation groups on Steam and Valve might consider adding it.

– David
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Thank you!

PS Can you please specify "some traction" part :)
guurgle Feb 5 @ 12:21pm 
As much as I would like to do that, that isn't really possible. It is totally up to Valve employees to add new languages they consider active enough but you definitely need a lot of intrigued translators.

– David
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