January 29, 2016
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[Major Update] Toricky Updated to ver. 1.1.0
We are pleased to announce that Toricky have been updated to version 1.1.0.

Thanks to all our community's feedbacks,
this new version is coming with a bunch of new features and improvements !

  1. Large optimization improvement from the ver 1.0.3. (For each Quality Level)
  2. Revamped Quality Levels for greater effects on the game's performance.
    (Please consult the Online Manual for more details)
  3. Basic Flying Controls adjustment for more accurate 1:1 control of Toricky.
  4. Refined Game Interface.
  5. Ingame Help Menu Accessible by pressing [H] Key.
  6. Tutorial Adjustments for better Accessibility.
  7. Game Mechanics Reminders displayed during the Loading Screens.
  8. Additional Visual and Sound Effects.
  9. Minor Bugs corrections.

If your game's version is 1.0.3 or below, please update your version to 1.1.0.

We're also coming today with a new Video introducing Toricky's first minutes Gameplay and a Boss Battle.
(Gameplay is captured from version 1.1.0 update)

Thank you for all of your support and feedbacks.

Atelier Melon-Kissa & Studio

[Update v1.1] Crystal Cosmos is Here! *New Level* + [Weekend Sale] *-60% OFF Now!*
Crystal Cosmos for $ 1.99 *-60% OFF Now!*

A brand new level, The Cursed Graveyard unlocks after finishing the story.

Explore a graveyard filled with the undead and followers of the mysterious "Stone God". Featuring brand new enemies, music, and a fierce new boss.

- Patch Notes:
  • The HUD now displays how much score you are receiving from enemies.
  • The HUD now displays how many shards you are receiving from pickups.
  • Changed ability ready effect to a rainbow color to improve visibility.
  • Damage text spawn rate is now limited to avoid large memory spikes.
  • Shards spawned from enemies now appear in correct positions.
  • Shards will now move apart more making them a little more challenging to collect.
  • Increased size of Obsidious hit box.
  • Changed spawn pattern of Reapers during Obsidious fight.
  • Fixed an issue where the collision on destroyed circle satellites would not properly turn off.
  • Various other Bug Fixes.
Please restart Steam if the update isn't downloading.


Sea Beast Productions & Studio

free 5$ for skin: csgofast. com/#r/2lqoe0

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Dieselmine Jul 3 @ 12:10am 
medamine_dghim May 2 @ 7:29am 
[Raid On Coasts] _ real time strategy game , set in a world full of wars . . . Visit steam page ,
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Hennihenner Apr 29 @ 7:16am 
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3627 Jul 23, 2016 @ 12:51pm 
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VladCastillo Jul 21, 2016 @ 1:44pm 
[Greenlight] Tomato Way

Hello. Need your vote.