Indie Game Riot! IGRPodcast
Indie Game Riot! IGRPodcast
October 16, 2014
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A collection of game featured on The Indie Game Riot Podcast! Support the indie devs you love, support and game with your fellow indie gamers and feel free to say hi to the hosts of the show!
Indie Revolution Expo 2016 and the #IRXJam16!
  • Indie Revolution Expo[] is 100% free and digital so anyone can get involved in any way!
  • If you or anyone you know have an indie game and would like to have our crew exhibit it during #IRX16, submit an application!
  • If you or anyone you know has something to teach or talk about relating to indie games, submit an application to run a panel!
  • Don't have a game? Want to start a side project? Need to get your foot in the industry? Submit a game to the #IRXJam16! Game jams are a great way to get noticed and you could potentially create a game to be sold once fully developed! There are even prizes to be had including $100 to get your game on Steam! Check out all the details here.[]
  • Want to help moderate the stream? We're looking for volunteers! Just email us: IRX[at]indiegameriot[dot]com with the subject "IRX MOD" and we can discuss how you can help.
  • If you would like to sponsor us, the support would be greatly appreciated and you'd be getting your product/service in front of a very fantastic and loyal audience. Please email us: IRX[at]indiegameriot[dot]com
  • We currently have our store open[] with IRX shirts on sale along side of shirts for Indie Game Riot. This year, we have our very first limited edition IRX shirt[] designed by last year's winner of IRX's "Most Revolutionary Game" award! Get it while it's available! All proceeds from the IRX shirts go to support the expo.
  • Wether you're a game dev, artist, musician, or any kind of industry pro, OR even if you're just someone who loves indie games, we'd love to see you during the stream! It all goes down starting July 15th at 10AM EST through July 17th at 9PM EST. All of it will be stream on Hitbox[]. There will be tons of opportunities to talk to devs, fans and everyone in between, giveaways, awards and much more fun to be had! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us: IRX[at]indiegameriot[dot]com

    See you there and keep rioting!
    -The IGR/IRX crew

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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Indie Game Riot! reviews
"All games in this collection have been featured on Indie Game Riot! We feel these games are amazing and deserve your support! For gameplay and reviews of any of these games, check out our previous episodes!"
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Suvitruf Aug 16 @ 9:18am 
Hello from Russia, guys.

We have been working on UnnyWorld for 3 years

UnnyWorld is a unique f2p space-fantasy game with both strategic and MOBA gameplay where you are placed in charge of your very own planet, and you may do with it as you wish!

UnnyWorld Key Features:
· Brand new MOBA experience.
· Compete in real-time PvP battles.
· Team up with your friends to fight in Arenas 3vs3.
· Joy with innovative system to cast spells.
· Fast matches. Around 4 minutes.
· Easy to learn, but hard to master.

Official page

It would be very grateful if you give feedback through reviews
CRAZYDIAMOND Jun 14 @ 11:59pm 
Hello, Curator Indie Game Riot!

I would like to introduce you a rhythm game called "LoveBeat".

LoveBeat is a F2P Casual Rhythm game that
1. You can interact with players around the world through Fam, Couple, and other community system.
2. You can customize own character by thousands of fashion items.
3. New events are updated in every 2 weeks.
and 4. Contains various genres of indie music

It would be very grateful if you give a trial on our game and give feedback through reviews.

Here is the link to LoveBeat:

Thank you for your time, and hope you have a nice day!

Patriot-Game Jun 13 @ 1:53am 
Hello! I noticed you in the curators of Steam. We are preparing to release our game in Stim, and since we are new players here, I would like to know whether you are doing reviews on games?
Here is our project
FrozenShade666 Jan 18 @ 5:00am 
Hi. It is still in concepts on Greenlight because we need more opinions. Come and see:
happybask Sep 28, 2016 @ 3:03am 
Hi: ^_^

2 Guys + 2 Years = "Sumeru"

It is a 2D physics puzzle game. now on store:

. play game is like drawing.
. more than one way to solve a puzzle.
. 40+ levels

It's beautiful and funny (a little difficult)
Hope you will like "Sumeru", Thanks
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October 16, 2014