Duke Nukem Begins ☢Duke☢
Duke Nukem Begins ☢Duke☢
May 21, 2013
United States 
ABOUT Duke Nukem Begins

☢Duke is KING☢

This group is for all fans of Duke Nukem. Join this group and be one of Dukes truest fans. From Duke Nukem 1 all the way to Duke Nukem Forever. This does include eduke32 an all of it's mods for Duke Nukem 3D.

Also feel free to join in the chat and talk babes, bullets, and bombs. Or even ask others to play Duke 3D or DNF easily set up matches this is especially good for Duke3D

Duke Nukem Forever got bad reviews and critics said they didn't like it. Not only them but alot of people followed that trend. As a true Duke fan I personally think it wasn't that bad of a game and people were to harsh on it due to the hype.

We got to push back on the critics and stand up for the gaming icon and franchise that we love. Hope for a "new one" and hope they will release.

Join this group and SUPPORT the Duke Nukem franchise and it's current and past creators. We don't want Duke's franchise "lost in time " again period.

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Duke Nukem Begins reviews
"Welcome to Duke Nukem Begins. It's quite obvious what games we play. But it's not just Duke Nukem there are many good games out there. Classic/modern FPS & games that are good."
Here are a few recent reviews by Duke Nukem Begins
Okiedatahappyday Jul 16 @ 4:18pm 
Still going strong. I have unfinished custom maps and stuff, I thought this community would be long done, though. Unlike CIV II modders (who have largely been dormant in recent years) this community still plays and builds. What a testament to Duke's creators unique genius and excellent work! -- PS, unrelated, but if you love fan works... do yourself this favor and Google
-Ur Quan Masters
-King's Quest AGDI
-Quest For Glory Remakes
-OpenRA, Dawn of the Tiberium Age, and THE Red Alert

You're welcome.
FaKe_KλTz3 Jul 9 @ 9:28am 
gg True Duke fan lol
bullerbuller7 Jul 9 @ 9:21am 
Just in case you wonder why notgo55 is player of the week every week. We are not lazy, he really is the player of the week every week. Look at how much he plays dnf.
WretchedMage Jul 7 @ 6:47pm 
Just message or invite! I'll play megaton DM
Tig77 May 20 @ 5:30pm 
Thanks TähtiënSëtä! Glad you like it!
TähtiënSëtä May 20 @ 10:49am 
Best group ever.