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Diverse Survivors DSTSurvivers
May 13, 2016
United States 
ABOUT Diverse Survivors

Welcome to Vanilla-ville!

About this group
This group consist of players who love playing Don't Starve Together. There is currently 11 servers associating with this group, you can check them out down below. All servers are hosted in San Francisco California & have 16 player slots each. Also feel free to join our discord server to find out more information about the DST servers or find people to play with. This is a friendly group, so please be nice & cooperate with each other! Have fun, work together, and most importantly: Don't Die! (starve)

Discord Server!



~ Vanilla Creampie & Vanilla Ice Cream
Pure Klei default servers with all settings set to default except for flint.

~ Vanilla Banana
Banana trees are Spread around the Top World

~ Vanilla Cowboy
Inspired by the West. More Cactus , Thorns and Goats

~ Vanilla Eggs
Tall Bird settings are set to Lots and they are scattered all around the World

~ Vanilla Endless
Pure Klei default server and all settings are set to default except ("Flint") (It will be Reset every 2 weeks)

~ Vanilla Honey
Killer Bees and Flowers are set to lots and are scattered all around the World

~ Vanilla Puff
Bunnies, Bunny Hutches and Carrots settings are set to More and they are Spread around the Top World

~ Vanilla Snowflake
The Winter Event is Turned on by default ("LaserDeerclops , Gifts , etc.")

~ Vanilla Starvation
The HARDEST of all Servers!. Huge World , more Hostile Mobs with higher chance of spawning
Huge cave world with more Worm waves!

~ Magic Wonderland
A Fully Modded World with new Biomes , Creatures ("Shipwreck items , mobs , etc.") (" A New Experience ")


To win all you have to do is… STAY ALIVE!

The goal is to outlive all the other players and the last person left alive is the winner.


You'll have 10 seconds to say goodbye and leave the server.

To spice things, we are going to:
⦁ Set food resources to less (less berry bushes, birds, butterflies, spider dens, bunnies, cave mush trees, clockwork )
⦁ Set mobs to more (more hound waves, treeguards, giants, krampus, lureplants, ewucus, vargs, depth worm attacks)
⦁ Set meteors and earthquakes to more.
⦁ Set seasons to very short so every 5 days a new season will begin.

How it will work:
At the event time a 35 player slot event server will open up and all are welcome to join. First come first serve, whoever gets in the event server first gets to compete.
The game will not start until all of the player slots are full. So everyone starts on the same day.
This is a group only event, so only steam group members will be able to join & see the server.

You will be automatically DISQUALIFIED if you disconnect or leave the server at any time during the event (sorry this is to make the game fair)
You CANNOT purposely kill anyone (this is a survival challenge NOT a PvP)!
You CANNOT grief or sabotage other players!
You CANNOT team up with other players! No sharing food or other resources with each other!
You CANNOT destroy food resources! This includes berry bushes, cactus, & player's farms.
You can hammer pig houses & bunny men houses.
You CAN loot a corpse since the person will be out if they die!

New players that join after the event has started will be kicked since it'll be an unfair advantage to let them participate.
The event will end when there is one person left standing.(edited)
There will be 4 prizes awarded:
1st Place will get the survivor skin for the character they survived with during the event and a roseate spear.
2nd place will get a survivor skin for the character they survived with during the event with and a bumble spear
3rd place will get a survivor skin for the character they survived with during the event with and a torch skin
4th survivor skin for the character they survived with during the event

There will only be 1 Judge for this event – Meep
Admins will be allowed to participate and compete in the event and will be eligible to win prizes
Any participant who breaks the rules can be disqualified at the judge’s discretion
The judge will decide and announce the winners in his sole discretion.
For future events, only the first place winner will get the "Event Winners " role to make it more special

Diverse Survivors Base Building Event
Diverse Survivor’s is hosting a Base Building Event on Sunday 11th March 2018 at 1pm Pacific Time / 4pm Eastern Time

The aim of the event is for competing teams to try build the best base by the end of Day 20.
The event will consist of 6 teams with 4 people in each team. Each team has 20 days to build the best base possible. On the morning of day 21 the admins will take a screen shot of each of the 6 bases and post the pictures in the Diverse Survivors Discord.

There will then be two prizes awarded…
1st place – The team who wins the admins vote for best base
2nd place – The team who wins the Diverse members vote for best base. A poll will be run in discord for this and all members of Diverse discord can vote in the poll for whichever base they think is best

Bases will be judged on the following criteria (in no particular order):

- Practicality (does it have light sources, food sources and other practical requirements to help keep players alive)
- Placement of structures (does the placement of items and structures make sense)
- Progress (how many structures has the team managed to build and how advanced are they e.g are there crockpots and fridges, is there a science machine / alchemy engine / prehesitator / shadow manipulator)
- Pleasant to the eye (does it look good? Has any extra effort been made with flooring or anything to make it look pretty)

Bases will NOT be judged on the following criteria:

- Location on the map. As there are 6 teams there is no point in everyone fighting over the oasis or pig king areas. Thus where on the map you choose to locate / build your base will not be considered when judging. You can make your base anywhere on the map.
- Skins. What structure skins you have will not give you any advantage or disadvantage and will not be considered when judging the bases.(edited)
A number of resources will be set on more, but bare in mind this is a competition and so there will be an element of racing to get resources.

No griefing!
No burning of bases or structures
No stealing from other players or other bases.
No sabotage of any other team or any other base in any way.
This event is group only and only members of the Diverse Survivors steam group will be able to join the server.
You will not be allowed to sit in the server and spectate. Only those players participating in the event and admins will be allowed in the server.

Hammering of pig houses is allowed.
Trading items between different teams is allowed.

There will be admins assigned to monitor each of the teams and ensure the rules are followed. If any of the rules are broken by any player then either that player or their whole team may be disqualified. The choice whether to disqualify a person or a team is entirely within the admins discretion.(edited)
We have announced this early as we know some people may want to play in a team with friends so here’s how it will work:
You can sign up a team in advance. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Send a private message in discord or in steam to SoLetMeGo and give the names of the players who will be in your team of 4 - please give BOTH the discord name and the steam name for each player that will be in the team. Teams must consist of 4 players - no more, no less. Do not private message until you have all 4 names. Only those with 4 names will be considered.

If for any reason during the event you lose a team member (they have to leave and can’t come back or are kicked or disconnected) then -:

If it is before day 15 you may request that another player be allowed to join your team. You can indicate whether you want a friend to join by giving the name of the friend who will be entering the server or you can indicate that you want a random to join in which case a random person who enters the server will (at the admins discretion) be allocated to your team.

If it is after day 15 you may not request that another player be allowed to join your team, and you must finish the base build with your remaining team members.

Any adding of team members is also purely within the admins discretion. So it’s best that you find 4 team members that are going to stick with you for the full 20 days.

Shortly before the event we will see if all 6 team spots have been taken. If there is a spare team spot, then single players will be allowed to enter the event server and those single players will be grouped into a team by the admins. Ie if there are 5 team slots booked then 4 single players will be allowed to enter the server and they will be team 6.

Only the team members that are in the event on day 20 will be elligible to win a prize. If you leave early and your team wins, you lose out.

1st Place – Winning Team (chosen by admins) – Each member of the winning team gets a Wendy Elegant Roseate Skin
2nd Place – Second Team (chosen by discord members by a poll on discord) – Each member of the second place team gets an Elegant Bumble Spear

If the same team wins both the admin vote and the discord vote they will be awarded the 1st prize only and the team that comes second in the discord member vote will then be awarded 2nd prize.

Once the event ends the screen shots will be posted on Diverse Survivors Discord and the poll will be run. Winner selection will happen within 48 hours. Once the winning teams have been selected the prizes will be traded via the steam market. Bear in mind that all such trades are subject to any Steam holding times

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Ghost Weeb Feb 18 @ 11:38am 
There is a pinned discussion thread where you can report griefers or you can report them in our discord channel
Varreaus Feb 18 @ 8:04am 
where do i report griefers?
♡ depression ♡ Feb 18 @ 6:48am 
hii, i'm new [:
mistergreen.a Feb 17 @ 9:31pm 
A guy named ijjkf burnt down a base and various other things
Read my Profile )( Canis Feb 13 @ 1:02am 
So, uh, I mightve lead a clay varg and like 10 clay hounds into spawn and killed 3 innocent people that just spawned. Does that count as griefing?
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May 13, 2016
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