Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server DarkAgesRust
Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server DarkAgesRust
December 4, 2015
United States 
ABOUT Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server

Welcome to Dark Ages Medieval RP & Western RP Rust Servers

We have N.A. located Rust Servers based on medieval rules, which includes very limited explosives and no guns except for the eoka (Dark Ages Roleplay) as well as only wood and stone structures.

We also have a newcomer to the Dark Ages family. The Good, The Bad and The Naked Western Roleplay. Direct connect information available below.

Our admins and moderators are GoDANKorGoHOME, Slick Pinkwood, Skeldorious, Sappho, Dutch, Torched, Piko, Kimmiko, Ceib, CoolBeans, Azuraen, Brother Vladimir, BenaBun, ToxicOne, Bogar the Viking, MoistTowelette, Yog and Savage Patar.

Our Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay plugins include Clans, NPCs, Economy, Drawbridges, Fireswords, Fire Arrows, GUI Shops, Leveling, Server Rewards, Quests and plenty more!

The Good, The Bad and The Naked Western Roleplay plugins include Clans, Economy, Dueling Event, GUI Shops, Leveling, Playtime Rewards, NPC Towns and plenty more!

Be sure to visit the links below so you know the do's and don'ts of the server.
Western Roleplay Server Rules available in-game via the /info command!

New Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay IP:

New The Good, The Bad and The Naked IP:

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Server Up!
Server Changelog 12/14/2017
Changelog 12/14/2017

Hello everyone! Update day is once again upon us and we have some things to address. Upkeep variables will be getting overhauled on both Medieval and Western servers as well as some other changes. Feel free to read over them while the server is down and being updated. Please note we will continue to monitor and address issues/suggestions that arise in the upcoming weeks. The changes applied on December 7th will take TIME to balance and adjust to! Expect the server to be down a tad longer than a normal update, so we can get everything adjusted!

Dark Ages Specific Changes

1. Admin/Moderators: We are happy to announce the promotion of Star and PooWater to Admin. Please treat them with respect as you would any other member of staff. They do this on a volunteer basis so you have an enjoyable place to play!

2. Upkeep Changes: We are implementing some changes to the Upkeep system. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed. The Upkeep system will not be removed as we do not have the options available at this time to deal with decay in any other way. We would also like to stick to the vanilla decay mechanics so we do not run into issues down the line. This will continue to be monitored and adjusted. Here are some of the changes being made today:

decay.durationtwig 12 -How long should this building grade takes to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours. Default was 1h. (TL;DR Twig takes 12 hours to decay without a TC.)

decay.durationwood 24 -How long should this building grade takes to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours. Default was 2h. (TL;DR Wood takes 24 hours to decay without a TC.)

decay.durationstone 36 -How long should this building grade takes to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours. Default was 3h. (TL;DR Stone takes 36 hours to decay without a TC.)

decay.durationmetal 48 -How long should this building grade takes to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours. Default was 5h. (This is a change mainly for admin events.)

decay.durationtoptier 48 -How long should this building grade takes to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours. Default was 12h. (This is a change mainly for admin events.)

decay.bracket_0_blockcount 30 -Between 0 blocks and this value are considered bracket 0 and will cost bracket_0_costfraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 15. (TL;DR Bracket 0 now ranges from 0-30 blocks instead of 0-15.)

decay.bracket_1_blockcount 60 -Between bracket_0_blockcount (30) and this value are considered bracket 1 and will cost bracket_1_costfraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 40. (TL;DR Bracket 1 now ranges from 30-60 blocks instead of 15-40.)

decay.bracket_2_blockcount 120 -Between bracket_1_blockcount (60) and this value are considered bracket 2 and will cost bracket_2_costfraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 75. (TL;DR Bracket 2 now ranges from 60-120 blocks instead of 40-75.)

decay.bracket_3_blockcount 180 -Between bracket_2_blockcount (120) and this value are considered bracket 3 and will cost bracket_2_costfraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 150. (TL;DR Bracket 3 now ranges from 120-180 blocks instead of 75-150.)

decay.bracket_0_costfraction 0.05 -Blocks within bracket 0 will cost this fraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 0.1 . (TL;DR Bracket 0 now costs 0.05% Resource Upkeep instead of 0.1%)

decay.bracket_1_costfraction 0.1 -Blocks within bracket 1 will cost this fraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 0.15 (TL;DR Bracket 1 now costs 0.1% Resource Upkeep instead of 0.15%)

decay.bracket_2_costfraction 0.15 -Blocks within bracket 2 will cost this fraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 0.2 (TL;DR Bracket 2 now costs 0.15% Resource Upkeep instead of 0.2%)

decay.bracket_3_costfraction 0.25 -Blocks within bracket 3 will cost this fraction per upkeepPeriodMinutes to maintain. Default was 0.333 (TL;DR Bracket 3 now costs 0.25% Resource Upkeep instead of 0.333%)

decay.upkeepperiodminutes 2880 -How many minutes does the upkeep cost last? Default was 1440 (24h). (TL;DR Upkeep resources will last 48 Hours instead of 24 Hours.)

3. Loot Adjustments: Loot will also be adjusted on Dark Ages Medieval. Quarries and Survey Charges should now be completely gone. If you find any please submit a /ticket detailing exactly where you found it. Research Paper and Beancan Grenades have had their rarities increased and should be harder to find. Loot amount from barrels partially lowered.

4. Fire/Fireball Arrow Adjustments: With recently allowing sheet metal and satchel charges, we were able to revert damage protection and health changes applied to certain items like Garage Doors, Wooden Doors and Cell Wall/Gates. We also had Fire Arrows ignoring all entity protection values which was fairly unbalanced. Now that the building changes have been reverted we are having Fire/Fireball Arrows take entity protections into account. This means you may notice certain entities take different damage from Fire/Fireball Arrows than they once did. This will most likely require more balancing to find a good place to keep it so expect more tweaks to come!

5. Twig/Ladders in Building Block: We felt with the recent changes to TC's, that allowing Twig/Ladders into building block was required. This also allowed us to remove a plugin from our ever expanding list but we now feel Twig and Ladders both are a bit much and make raiding a tad too easy. To combat this we will reapply the No Twig/Ladder in Building Block plugin, but WILL ONLY disable the ability to place Twig into Building Block. This means you will still be able to place ladders into Building Blocked areas but you will be unable to place Twig. We will continue to monitor this and adjust it as needed. With this change ladders have been removed from the /s.

6. /Info Updated: The Allowed/Un-Allowed Item list has been updated with the proper allowed items. I have also added the Raft commands to the Server Commands tab and added a note on the Drawbridge Plugin Tab. If you see anything I have missed please submit a /ticket and let me know!

Rust Specific Changes

1. New Decorations: The Facepunch team has added a bunch of new items this year to spread holiday joy. These items will likely go up for sale on the item store today (similar to the Halloween items). They will then be crafted and placed around your base with care - in hopes no raiders will soon be there. With a new wreath, lights, garland, and even a snowman, bases will be looking more festive than ever this year!

2. Candy Cane Club: Decorations aren't the only new holiday items coming in today. The candy cane club will not only allow you to whack the Christmas spirit into your fellow Newman, you can also lick it for some nutritional value. Watch out though, several licks is all it takes to get to the center of this candy club.

3. Reindeer Antlers: Some new festive head ware has also arrived. Along with the Santa hat from previous years, we now have Reindeer Antlers added to the holiday headgear arsenal. Also featuring a cherry red nose, they are not able to be crafted, but you will find them in presents and stockings. Providing a little bit of head protection, your player model will surely look thrilled to be wearing them.

4. Stone Fireplace: A late addition to the party this week, the stone fireplace has been added. The fireplace must be placed inside against a wall. Costing 500 stones and 200 wood to craft, it provides comfort and can cook food just like a campfire (same number of slots too). This will require 20 scrap to research and will be added to Dark Ages loot table after the update.

5. Xmas Event: As you may remember from previous years, Rust Xmas occurs once every ingame day. Accompanied by that old familiar jingle of sleigh bells, present boxes are spawned around players. By default, 2 presents are dropped within 50 meters of each player on a server - although this can be tweaked server to server via a series of cvars (for list, type “sv find xmas” in console).
Dark Ages Note: Presents and Stockings will be enabled on Dark Ages Medieval. The Loot inside has been adjusted, but may be adjusted more. New decoration/vanity items will be added to present/stocking loot tables after the update.

6. Xmas Loot: When you hear those jingles, look around your general location for present boxes on the ground. After you whack their 30 health away, you’ll be greeted with a Christmas loot drop of 1 or more small and medium presents. These presents can be unwrapped or upgraded to higher tiers, which yield better loot.

7. Stockings: Hung around the chimney (err, campfire) with care, this duo of deployables will load up with items over time - a long time. You’ll know when there’s some goodies inside when they start dazzling sparkles from the top.

8. Wood and Sheet Metal Rework: Not all changes this week were just in the holiday spirit. Reworks of both the wood and sheet metal walls have been completed, sealing up all the little gaps and holes in each. These changes - especially the wood tier - have come under some scrutiny. I don’t think, however, most people realize what one of the main motivators of the devs doing this was. These changes stand to improve client performance. Think about it, if you don’t need to render what’s beyond walls, looking at bases can be less intensive on players, thereby improving FPS.

9. Building Health Increases: In some last minute changes here, Facepunch has increased the health of sheet metal and armored building blocks. Sheet metal is now two times stone health (which is a 70% increase) and armored is two times metal health.

10. Upkeep Changes: In the wake of the huge changes brought on last week by building 3.0, the Facepunch team has made some tweaks and changes to building upkeep. First, all doors, wall frame inserts, ceiling frame inserts and barricades require upkeep. Although the exact figures are still being tested, this will mean base upkeep is now more expensive.
In the realm of decay, foundations now decay at the same rate as other building blocks when their upkeep is not paid. Also, building blocks that are inside now decay at 10% of their normal decay rate (this can be modified by server owners with the ‘upkeep_inside_decay_scale’ convar).
Dark Ages Note: Parts of this will go into effect on the servers, but we are also making our own adjustments to upkeep based upon feedback and what we see in game!

11. Christmas Trees: Default blueprint - you can craft them for 500 wood and 30 cloth then decorate them with various decorations you'll find during the Christmas event.

12. More Slots in Tool Cupboard: An extra row of slots has been added to the tool cupboard!

For complete details straight from Facepunch, Read the Devblog at the following link:

-Open/close sounds only play for the local player.
-Can no longer use broken items for purchases at vending machines (min 50%).
-More improvements to AI behavior.
-Barricades can now be repaired.
-Small Furnace is now skinnable.

LednyAzz Dec 10 @ 3:37pm 
what happened to the GF's I had like 2000 and where is the stone and wood in the shop? I think I missed 1 wipe cycle.
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Can i have an admin PM me? Looking for clarity on rules
KK | Korbz Nov 22 @ 12:41pm 
can i get unbanned i did nothing wrong
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What is the discord?
King Eli of Portlandor Nov 1 @ 5:27pm 
I have been Absent...I've been away, call it on a quest of self understanding, call it the need to learn more about the world, or call it the fact I thought Rust was a little too Cut-throat for me.

But, I have felt a need amoung the people, a cry for Portlandors return...and so it shall be, the Kingdom shall rise again!
Gather your Hearts, Steel your pride and stand strong with fate,
The rightful king has returned!
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What's the Discord?
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December 4, 2015
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