Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server DarkAgesColl
Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server DarkAgesColl
December 4, 2015
United States 
ABOUT Dark Ages Medieval Rust Server

Welcome to Dark Ages Collective Servers

We have a N.A. located Rust Server based on medieval rules, which includes very limited explosives and no guns except for the eoka (Dark Ages Roleplay) as well as only wood and stone structures.

We also have a newcomer to the Dark Ages family. The Good, The Bad and The Naked Western Roleplay also N.A. Based. Direct connect information available below.

Our admins and moderators are GoDANKorGoHOME, Slick Pinkwood, Kimmiko, Craing, Ceib, Denzel, SKisses, Yog Sappho, Dutch, Torched, Piko, CoolBeans, Azuraen, Brother Vladimir, BenaBun, ToxicOne, Bogar the Viking, MoistTowelette, Kurt, Star, PooWater and Pinky.

Our Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay plugins include Clans, Rafts, Economy, Drawbridges, Fireswords, Fire Arrows, GUI Shops, Leveling, Server Rewards, Quests and plenty more!

The Good, The Bad and The Naked Western Roleplay plugins include Clans, Economy, Dueling Event, Ridable Horses, Rafts, Fishing, GUI Shops, Leveling, Playtime Rewards, NPC Towns and plenty more!

Be sure to visit the links below so you know the do's and don'ts of the server.
Western Roleplay Server Rules available in-game via the /info command!

Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay IP:

The Good, The Bad and The Naked IP:

Having issues finding one of our servers? Direct connect via the following method: To direct connect from your steam app, go to the "View" tab in the top left while on you steam app. That will bring a drop down menu where you should see "Servers" tab. Click that to bring up steams internet server list as well as your history and favorite servers. Click the Favorites tab and then click the "Add A Server" button to the bottom right.
From there just add our IP/Port which is: for Dark Ages Medieval and for Dark Ages Western. Once you add it you should be able to see the server in your favorites tab and can directly connect from there. If you continue to have issues connecting to one of our servers, feel free to add one of the admins or visit us in our Discord Support channel!

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Dark Ages Medieval Up!
Server Update and Changelog 3/15/2018
Changelog 3/15/2018

Hello everyone! Wipe day is upon us once again, and we have a few things to announce. This will be a forced client/server patch. BP's should not have to be wiped but we will keep everyone informed! We have a few plugins to update as well so expect a bit longer than usual downtime (15+ Minutes). This is only a forced hotfix to fix skin loading and a couple other issues. Most of the Rust Specific Changes are changes being made to the staging branch and will be in April 5th's Force Update.
As always we appreciate the support of our community and hope everyone enjoys themselves on the Dark Ages Collective Servers.

Dark Ages Medieval Specific Changes

1. Arena Events: After quite a long time without automated events, we have finally found a decent, seemingly exploit proof arena plugin. It has many event types, and we plan on looking into hosting all sorts of things from Team Deathmatches, Capture the Flag and NPC Survival events. We currently have arenas premade for Free For All Deathmatches and will get arenas made for CTF and TDM after we get everything else situated. For the time being you have to join events via the /menu command. Once you click join, you are teleported to the event arena until the minimum amount of players required joined. Once that happens the match will officially start. I have a message to the developer to see if we can modify the plugin to only teleport after the match officially starts. Arena Statistics available via the /astats command.

2. Monument & NML NPC's: We have been having some issues with NPC's spawning properly or kicking people when they kill one. For the time being all Hostile NPC's are disabled. Hopefully the update from Facepunch today will address some of those issues and we can once again get hostile NPC's guarding different locations.

3. Skins & Skin Loading: We are waiting for a plugin Dev to fix some issues with the SkinLoot plugin. Once that is fixed all items found in loot barrels/crates will be preskinned with IN THEME SKINS. We still don't have the full ability to control reskinning at benches but are continuing to our goal of having more in theme gear allowed. Facepunch is also supposed to make some more changes to help with skin loading today which should help overall.

4. /info Updates: We have added a /info button next to the players hotbar. This can be clicked by hitting enter to activate the cursor and then clicking on it. We have gone through the /info tabs a bit and condensed some things as well as fixing some mistakes. We are still working on this so expect more fixes and changes in the near future including better tips for starting players.

5. Wipe Info: We have 5 Thursdays in the month of March so we will have our usual 2 week wipe this wipe, into a 1 week, increased rates wipe for the end of March. When Facepunch does not for a client or server update our scheduled wipe time will be 3 pm EST (7 pm GMT).

6. Upcoming Stuff: We are continuing to address issues and player's requests, despite what some may believe. We have big plans in store for Western RP, and have finally found a better balanced spot for Dark Ages Medieval. We have events, areas for PvP, areas for RP and just about everything inbetween. Our current goals are to work on offline raiding, our robbery system and our in theme skinned loot. We have a lot of other things going on in the background, but we assure everyone we are working hard towards having a balanced, fun place to play for everyone and it doesn't matter if it's only 10 people or 100 people, we will work on things the same. We feel DA is a good place to come if you are new to Rust or RP and we need our general community to help shape these players. We have plans in the works for something a bit more geared towards the hardcore RPers but will announce on that at a later time.

Rust Specific Changes

1. Multiple Passenger Vehicles In The Works: Facepunch has continued their work on mountables this week, adding the ability for multiple passengers in a vehicle. This functionality has been added to the Sedan and Chinook helicopter for the time being.
For multiple people to enter something, they simply must go up to the vehicle and press 'E' to enter. Once passengers, they are able to switch places with the ‘swapseats’ command.
Although multiple passengers may not seem very relevant to vanilla gameplay at the moment, it is an important component for both the upcoming CH47 server event and the future of ingame vehicles.
Please note the Chinook, and Sedan are not yet available in vanilla gameplay.

2. Hair Improvements: Some new doo’s are in play on staging this week as the hair caps branch has been merged in. As you may recall, this bodywork which Facepunch have been working on is aimed at improving the look of hair, especially when TSSAA anti-aliasing is turned off. It also has the added benefit of making hair color more natural and diverse.

3. Savas Loot: Lovers of the PVP oriented map Savas will be happy to know that the loot tables have been diversified. Facepunch has updated the Savas Koth map loot to now include the MP5, LR300, Spas shotgun, incendiary shotgun ammo, SAR, and python!

4. Hapis Updates: Facepunch has also continued their work on improving the Hapis island map. With a focus on enhancing areas of the map which are rarely used, they've added 4 new caves and a collapsed tunnel in the north.
In addition to this, radiation has been added to the tunnels at Site A and 2 new recyclers have been added. Expect more changes over the coming weeks, and a much improved Hapis come the update on April 5th.

5. Monument Puzzles: Monuments will be getting more interesting — and puzzling — in April as Facepunch continues their work on the new monument puzzles. Aimed at blocking access to high tier loot behind a set of challenges, these puzzles may require players to do a bit more planning prior to certain loot runs.

Slick Pinkwood Mar 15 @ 10:48pm 
I have the Wipe Info tab of the /info section updated and announced it in the changelog today. I will also get it added to our website but as long as we aren't waiting for Facepunch to post a patch, wipe time will be 3 pm EST ( 7 pm GMT) :)
Severus Mar 15 @ 7:44am 
Is there a usual time for the server to be wiped and reset?
Rico' Feb 5 @ 9:06pm 
Rico The Lone Trader salute you guys!
Severus Feb 1 @ 10:11am 
It doesn't appear that the server was wiped, we had the purge yesterday... I realize you have a lot of things on the go. I appreciate all the hard work that ya'll have put into making this server a thing.
Slick Pinkwood Feb 1 @ 10:00am 
The server is coming back online now. We have been experiencing server crashes since the update this past Thursday. I am currently looking into why and will keep everyone notified. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
Severus Feb 1 @ 7:02am 
Is the server going to come back online soon?
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December 4, 2015
United States