Daikatana Multiplayer Association DKMPA
Daikatana Multiplayer Association DKMPA
November 6, 2013
ABOUT Daikatana Multiplayer Association

Daikatana Multiplayer Association

We play Daikatana. Online. Hop in if you want some action. Or want to discuss things. Need advice or something. We are open for everybody.

To play multiplayer you need to install community made patch 1.3:
New dktools package including DK Otter Map and Texture toolset for Win32
What's new for Daikatana v1.3 in 2017?
  • Coop checkpoints. These are controlled with a mapname_checkpoints.txt file that would be in your data/maps directory. There are a few client-side commands to allow you to place and delete checkpoints in game via a password you set. I have run through the maps and added checkpoints to them with these external files and will release the checkpoint files separately. I welcome any suggestions on checkpoint placement, etc.

  • Fix zombie player bodies appearing in Coop when userinfo (name change, character change, typing a message, etc.) updates. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Fix "killbox" code for telefrags not working in Coop. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Broadcast various imporant map messages in coop (i.e. pikcing up a special key item, finding a secret area, etc.). This helps to give players a hint of where you are in the map.

  • Fix skeeters sometimes getting stuck in protopods. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Fix odd "tiny model" monsters being leftover after being gibbed. A bug introduced from the coop robotic skins table hack.

  • Fix players being unable to allow level transitions to occur. This was due to dead players disconnecting in coop. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Fix melee weapons showing an ammo count of 0 until they are finally found (like silverclaw, hammer). This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Fix being able to hit a level transition multiple times in coop with more than one player. For example, you hit the trigger to change the map but then the map loads the next level 3 or 4 times before you can finally enter. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Fix getting a parse error occasionally during a load game or connecting to a server. A bug introduced from the protocol update.

  • Don't save bloodclouds from gibs. Very rare instance where one can be spawned simultaneously during a level transition and can crash the game.

  • Fix some memory leaks with Node Pathlists and AI goals. They still leak, but now they are at least free'd when monsters are killed.

  • Fix doing /massacre cheat right as a changelevel trigger fires off occasionally causing a crash.

  • Fix manaskull pickup sound not playing sometimes in Episode 3 when they are spawned from the black treasure chests. This is an old v1.2 bug.

  • Add sv_maxfps server-side command for enforcing framerate. People who are using cl_async 1 are unaffacted. But, players who are trying to cheat with cl_async 0 and cl_maxfps 500 to skew the physics or pump too many packet updates flooding the server will be kicked. This behaviour defaults to off. But, I recommend administrators to set it to 90 or 125. Most QW and Q2 servers do the same thing.

  • Fix lightning bolts in the Wyndrax (e3m4a/e3m4b) maps very rarely giving you 5000+(or even "0"!) health or even instantly killing you. This is an old v1.2 bug. Those lightning bolts are only supposed to deal 10 or 20 damage!

  • Persistent coop inventory. This means that key items found are instantly shared with all coop players, including those who connect in the middle of a game. Weapons are also shared, but are not given to you unless you die or connect in the middle of a game. Should make the game easier for newcomers to join in the middle of a game and catch up quickly.

  • Bonusgems in coop will respawn after 300 seconds, like other "super items".

  • Coop spawn protection will now make players temporarily non-solid to pass through other players. An idea from Baker's Q1 engine. This will allow people to not constantly telefrag on top of each other from checkpoint spawns or even custom coop maps (someone make one!) that only has one spawn point. When the spawn protection runs out, anything in your way (players or enemies) will be telefragged.

Knightmare has been hard at work on a utility named DK_Otter which is a GUI utility to easily compile maps. You will no longer have to rely on fooling around with batch files in Windows to compile a map. The utility allows all sorts of customization for fine tuning bsp/vis/rad options. He is also working on fixing up the arghrad code to work on modern compilers. When this is complete a new dk_tools set will be released, including a new ION Radiant that has a few updates and bug fixes. He is also planning on merging e2m5a/e2m5b and e2m5c/e2m5d into two separate maps.

Dekonega has been working on a linux auto-update utility, ported from the dk_upd.exe code, as well as eventual GUI version of the tool that will look similar to the DK v1.2 patch GUI. He is also working on a port of the q3 version of aerowalk and a new, unique map for DKDM. He gets sidetracked on map development, so be sure to message him and encourage him to finish it!

When this stuff is complete and ready for release my next goal is to start learning what is up with the AI issues. The biggest problem right now is that the sight line/path code has problems with enemies being able to climb on top of each other, AI having problems going around 90 degree corners to get to you. They tend to want to try a 45 degree angle and slam into walls. These problems affect monsters and sidekicks. When these issues are resolved I believe some of the sillier aspects to sidekicks should be gone.

Hope to see everyone on the servers and thanks for playing DK v1.3!

Dekonega Jul 8 @ 8:02am 
Welcome. If you need help with the game then contact me. We also have auto-update program for you guys to use these days for simple ugrade to new 1.3 builds.
Yorbihtter Jul 8 @ 7:59am 
MarcosTN | May 1 @ 9:03am 
Going to update the game on PC, i'm with the updated version only on my notebook, and strugling to find again the perfect sensibility option for me.
Next weekend would be fine :D
Dekonega May 1 @ 6:23am 
I'm in the beta and because of the NDA I cannot make comments regarding the game itself. Still allow me to mention; that based on the public trailer material, I don't like QC very much. They've taken and transformed a game known as "chess" into a different game, "draughts", but still talk about it as if it was the "chess".

Lets try to make a Daikatana match happen next weekend. I'm probably free then.
[HCI] Anarchiac May 1 @ 12:01am 
I played the beta for a good 20 hours, I like it
MarcosTN | Apr 25 @ 2:17pm 
Ok Dekonega :D, thanks for the info :), going to wait for more waves of invites, have a great night :)
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November 6, 2013