CSGOArmy best CS:GO Jackpot CSGOArmyCom
CSGOArmy best CS:GO Jackpot CSGOArmyCom
8 januari, 2016
 Denna tråd har blivit fäst, så den är troligtvis viktig
Mike 27 nov, 2016 @ 3:30am
Free 5.000 Coins (5$) For Every video make !
Hello everyone !

We are CSGOArmy and we need some little help with advertising ...
What i want to mean with that ?
We want pay 5$ Per video (Created and posted on youtube )
We pay on skins or cois (5000 coins )

How many video you can make ?
How much you can :)

Example :
If you make and post 6 videos on youtube you will get 60$ (6x5=30$)

You will get payment after 3-4 days when the video was post :)

Post/share here your youtube video link or send at

Good luck !

NOTE : Don.t forget to share your refferal code to your friends to get more coins !!!
Datum skrivet: 27 nov, 2016 @ 3:30am
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