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ARMA 2 is the sequel of ARMA : Armed Assault (ARMA : Combat Operations) and from the authors of Operation Flashpoint : Cold War Crisis/Resistance/Elite.

ARMA 2 paints a plausible near future.
In 2009 the fictional post-soviet country of Chernarus is ravaged by civil war. For two crippling years, conflict has raged...

Vegetation technology behind ARMA 2 (info,pics,vids) : http://spedr.com/16w2y

SinglePlayer : Yes - Mission(s) & Campaign(s)
COOPerative mode : Yes - Campaign(s)
MultiPlayer : Yes - 50+ players (64-128)
MultiPlayer modes : any possible COOP or PvP

HD trailer : http://spedr.com/37vth
Screens : http://spedr.com/4o6lj
Factions : http://spedr.com/57gza *(6 total = USMC, CDF, ChDKZ, Russian Armed Forces, Citizens, NAPA ) + HD teasers
Weaponry : http://spedr.com/2ft0n *(more than 40 unique, with variants over 80)
Vehicles : http://spedr.com/31o20 *(more than 50 unique, with variants over 120)
World : Chernarus : http://spedr.com/2kg2g
Characters : http://spedr.com/1qvgr
Reviews : http://spedr.com/1ttp5

Developer's website , Bohemia Interactive a.s. : http://bistudio.com/

BI's division/subsidiary Bohemia Interactive Australia are authors of military simulators used by many world armies
VBS1 : http://spedr.com/1bieh & VBS2 : http://www.vbs2.com/ , http://spedr.com/qxnu

Chat on IRC:
primary irc://irc.gamesurge.net/#ArmA2 , webIRC: http://spedr.com/4p1e5
backup irc://irc.quakenet.de/#ArmA2 , webIRC: http://spedr.com/5hbx7

ARMA2's official
Facebook : http://spedr.com/3a0zg
Twitter : http://twitter.com/ArmA2PC
YouTube : http://spedr.com/3gvwd & http://spedr.com/3mgim

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*SCG/IRCs are open to any international visitor, fan or player, please use English for chatter
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