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May 6, 2012
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A game called Nash Racing.

Fast your seatbelts! Nash Racing is upcoming indie racing game
Nash Racing is racing game which contain 2 different gamemodes: First you drive against opponents in different tracks, with different cars. You can choose car from 10 different cars. Every AI opponents have different driving skills. Second gamemode is time trial where player drive alone in different tracks and try to pass tracks target time. If not then player need to drive track again There is also tuning system, where player can modify cars. Be the fastest driver and challenge opponents

Check the link down below to see what the game is about!

We would like your honest opinion and feedback on what you find of this game, is it really worth the price for this game? Is it a decent game? For the person who can give the greatest feedback will receive a CSGO or TF2 key at their choice.

I wish you all a great day and happy games!

Sincerely yours,


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A game called LOG the game.
About the game
Angry timbers cut down a rare tree, one of logs rescued , and now he has to save his brothers to take revenge on the BIG BAD TIMBER . Fortunately, truck with brothers crushes half the way to the factory and brothers are waiting for Log to save them and to REVENGE! You can upgrade your character, buy weapons and skins, use different vehicles (cars, spacecraft’s and more), a unique atmosphere and soundtracks. All made and done by AGD and music made by RobotKSR, INSOMNIA.

My opinion
LOG the game is a strange and unique game, the style of art that is used in the game is something refreshing to see, it is vibrant and colorful and gives it a appearance that a person draw it all. I played the game now for some few moments, and I did noticed a few flaws here and there. But nothing to lose my head over, the gameplay and keypad is working good and smooth. And the story of the game is very basic, it’s a typical mini game to play when you need to kill some time. In overall rate I had some fun with the game and would give it a 6,4 out of 10. I believe the art style is fresh and inviting, but the price for the game is a bit high and would see it go around for 2,99 Euro.

I wish you all a great day and happy games!

Sincerely yours, [b/]


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Hi i sell/buy keys items CSGO,DOTA2,TF2
Скупка/продажа ключей,вещей DOTA2,CSGO,TF2 ( и других игр steam)
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Erander♣ Mar 9 @ 8:38am

Alchemland is a magical land where wizards of dwarfs, elves, orcs live, where the miracle-grass of Mandrake grows and terrible Leviathans are found.

Hunt, collect flowers and mushrooms, catch fish and bugs, get reagents from them, mix and open recipes for powders and potions.

The main goal of the game is to find pairs of elements in a certain time. All this is tied with a story line and quests, generously seasoned with achievements.
Vote for it's future!
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May 6, 2012
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