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August 19, 2016
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The future for PGM
  • Remove randomness, make every decision count.
  • Focusing more on gameplay than graphics.
  • Functioning tournament system where you can influence the outcome of matches.
  • Grinding and lack of depth.

All of this should have been addressed, but we failed in our attempt at doing so. Hard. Twice. But we’re still very much determined to make Pro Gamer Manager into the product it and you deserve.

So how are we going to do it?
The short answer - we’re going to make a sequel.

The long answer is that we feel the need of creating something of our own, not bound to someone else’s work where we keep getting stuck trying to put out fires. We want to base the sequel on the original idea, fixing all the things that were wrong with it, like the things mentioned above, and more.

The only way we are going to be able do it is to work with you all, our fantastically supportive community. Our plan is to release a public alpha for people to play and put their support behind in the nearby future and probably stay in alpha phase for a long time, making sure the product delivers on all promises of the initial idea and everything we say we’re going to do along the way.

As a token of our gratitude to all of you who’ve purchased Pro Gamer Manager so far, you’ll be able to access the pre-alpha for free. We’ll also throw in a special deal for you if you want to get in early on the alpha for PGM2. In any case you’ll be able to continue to follow the development as well as support it by buying the alpha from our website and with that purchase get free updates of the new game until it’s ready to be released here on Steam and until it’s fully launched. We’ll also set up a blog and a public Trello board so you can more easily follow our continued development.

We feel confident that if we include you all, our existing customers and make you happy, you will spread the word to your friends and the sales to fund the continued development will come.

We have invested everything we have into making this alpha a solid base, opening up for
the future possibility of mods and focusing all our efforts on building a solid ground for the gameplay. We’ve gone from a team of three to six people bringing the number of programmers up to four.

So we haven’t given up, far from it, and we’re not blind to the fact that we have some way to go before we’ve restored your faith in us and in the product itself. We will tell you about, and show you more of PGM2, very soon and hope that you will continue to see its potential the same way we do.

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Aviators is now live on Steam Early Access!