4RAR Gaming Community 4RARGAMING
4RAR Gaming Community 4RARGAMING
January 24, 2016
ABOUT 4RAR Gaming Community

4RAR Gaming Community

About Us

The 4RAR Gaming Clan [4RAR] is one of the fastest growing communities and largest based in the Oceanic Region but with international divisions. Despite its size our international group maintains a familiar atmosphere that always welcomes new players.

We play over 12 games both casually and competitively offering a lot of people to play with. We also officially support Days of War, Battalion 1944, Bannerlord II & War of Rights once released. We have a lot to offer not just as a clan but as a gaming organisation and community in general.

We are looking for friendly and committed players who enjoy team play and a fun community itself. Our clan is pretty casual however we pride ourselves in being a disciplined, skillful and respected clan in all fields of the community meaning we do have a fair amount of rules, guidelines and such. If you are a casual gamer we will give you a friendly environment to play in, if you are more competitive we will acquaint you with like-minded people and you will have a chance to play friendly Regiment vs Regiment Wars, Line Battles, Skirmishes and other events.

This group is a Community Group and classed as a 'Social Member'

4RAR is a CNOP Approved Clan[]

We offer many different things in 4RAR! From Competitive Teams to Casual Teams, Ranks & Leadership Roles, over 12 games, an awesome website, structure, specialist courses and trainings, active community, Variety of roles & positions, Awards, Medals & Badges, Win Prizes & Contests and so much more!

Joining 4RAR Gaming

Interested in joining us? Contact General. Truth Follow some of the steps below!

1. Register & Fill out website Application
2. Wait for Recruitment Team
3. Steam Friend Request will be sent
4. Sent out to selected division, given duties
5. Your a member of 4RAR!

We expect our members to have a working mic and TeamSpeak 3. You can also add members in the Recruitment Corps to speed up your application:

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Contact Information
TF2 Server IP:
NW Server: 4RAR_AUS is our Training Server
4RAR Gaming Community reviews
"Here's a list of games that 4RAR recommends to come play with us or just a recreational play by yourself!"
Here are a few recent reviews by 4RAR Gaming Community
Baron Sep 14, 2016 @ 5:51pm 
Need to talk to LtCol. True about joining the 4th United States Infantry Regiment for War of Rights.
TTMXMP - Mr¸ ┬╦ Sep 12, 2016 @ 8:37am 
Is this the Jackson you guys are talking about?
And well never been here when 4RAR was alive so :/
- MrTT
The_Game_Machine Sep 3, 2016 @ 6:10am 
I think i actually found his profile - but he's private and hasnt accepted my friend request so there isnt a way to confirm that and talk to him. :\
The_Game_Machine Aug 30, 2016 @ 5:12pm 
Hoovy, I think jackson left steam. He had me on his friends list (he was my m8 across seas) and he's disapeared from basicly everything. i just dont know... :\ if only i had his steam profile link to check... *sigh*
iTed Aug 17, 2016 @ 4:33am 
Where's jackson? Is he still on steam or what???