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Welcome to the Official Steam Community Group for Zombie Panic! Source. Below you can find various links about the game, from the website's homepage to the basics of each team.

Be sure to chat it up with your fellow survivors and the Devs!

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Hello there.
I hope you are all enjoying the update as much as I am! Just like any recent and big update, we're launching our first hotfix! We'll be including small changes to game's menu font to make it more fitting to the theme of the game, and we're also bringing improvements to the chat layout for russian players. Check out the changes below:

  • Added ZPS_Requiem font into the menu.
  • Added thumbnail for the new survival maps.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Added zps_russian folder.
  • Added steam_appid.txt.
  • Updated zpo maps that did not originally recieve the new objective points feature.
  • Fixed grammar issues in maps .txt files.
  • Renamed GameInfo.txt to gameinfo.txt
  • Renamed other zps folders as request.
  • Removed .cfg file to test if your client gets saved.
  • Removed "filter" option in-game chat.

For full changelog, check this announcement:

This patch will go live soon. Keep playing those survival maps!

-ZP:S Dev Team
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