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Welcome to the Official Steam Community Group for Zombie Panic! Source. Below you can find various links about the game, from the website's homepage to the basics of each team.

Be sure to chat it up with your fellow survivors and the Devs!

Never heard of Zombie Panic? Check out our trailer!

Official Website

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In just over a month we will no longer be labeled "Early Access" or Beta (worth pointing out the 25% discount will be gone at this point as well). We look forward to the release of our final maps for release including their game-modes and some other surprises but what we're hoping to prove to many (can't win them all) is that both Kickstarter and Early Access are not just options to be abused but vital resources to both big and small Companies. A success story in our case!

Full Release does not mean the development of Contagion ends there... We will be adding new content, features, further optimization, server support, and adjusting balance (with the option for Server Hosts to adjust theirs as well or pick from pre-defined options). We are still working on our Linux and Mac platform releases and our Free DLC (Something like what's described above but more of a pack including new characters, maps, game-mode, and weapons).

It's because of this we plan to travel the globe whether to mingle with Industry contacts/friends and/or run a booth to further promote Contagion, our Free DLC, make new friends and meet some of the Community! Click the image below for our Events list with Events, Dates, and Times-

We hope to see as many of you as we can!

Also very important to note is our new Official Contagion Facebook page now that we will be sharing media, news, Before and After Full Release! If you want to know what new weapon we're working on, check out the latest map, render, character, prop, etc. Our new Facebook will be where the information is first provided.

Our contests (I believe Joe and Tom have something in the works) will also be posted here. Joe who will be handling PR will be doing his best to get as much information and the stuff you love as often as possible and will be using this as a portal to do so. Time to dust off your facebook account or sign up, visit the page, and like so you don't miss any of the good stuff now that we have someone dedicated to the task with no more excuses about it getting in the way of development!

New Official Contagion Facebook Page-

We told you 2014 would be a very exciting time for all of us and now is the time to learn about Contagion, follow our updates, and share with friends as we reach Full Release and more! You guy's got us this far and we have no immediate plans on taking any breaks.

-The Contagion Team
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