Contagion & ZPS - "Friday Frenzy" Ep 15 Stream & Giveaway and ZPS Servers back to working order!

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GLDP Wookowyack Jan 27 @ 1:35pm 
So you are really planing to update ZPS? It's great game, I would love you too!
|NMRiH| Joshikumako [BMUK] Jan 26 @ 12:45pm 
If you manage to give zps a make over in the future (new animations needed mainly) I will love you forever.
|NMRiH| Joshikumako [BMUK] Jan 26 @ 12:38pm 
Anything chance of you letting zps use your unwanted animations then?
Tatsur0 Jan 25 @ 9:10pm 
Comrade Suhov: because otherwise you'd have nothing to look at for a good long time and thanks to Contagion we should have the means to significantly improve and boost ZPS status.

MorgeN: In the text above.
MorgeN Jan 25 @ 3:11pm 
Where is zps update ?!?
Comrade Suhov Jan 25 @ 2:14am 
What about leaving ZPS group without all that Contagion-related messages?