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Wow, loaded title, right? I wanted to make this announcement over on Desura, but a mod immediately deleted it. Bummer. I'm guessing that Steam won't care so much. (Update: Just had a pleasant exchange with the new management over there, who addressed my concerns like a pro. We cool.)

First, an apology to Zigfrak's player base on Desura. I'm sorry. We've been lagging behind a couple versions there, and if you actually depend on the Desura client for updates (who uses that, really though?), then you haven't been getting the latest and greatest. You bought the game, and you deserve equal treatment. The latest bits will soon be updated on Desura.

Updating Desura is a serious pain. It's a full work day (or longer) for us to update Zigfrak's builds there. The process for updating standalone builds is great (feed in a URL, Desura's servers slurp it down, and you're good to go), but updating the "images" used by the Desura client must be done from inside of the Desura client on the platform for which you are publishing. It's a tedious and error-prone process that typically only works about 20% of the time you try.

Couple with the fact that nobody is buying the game on Desura anymore, our motivation levels drop. It remains to be seen if we will remain on the Desura platform, but we're there for now.

I'm immensely grateful to the original Desura crew for taking a chance on Zigfrak during our alpha funding phase, but it's really hard to justify having to jump through continued hoops to remain there these days.

Anyway, hello to all new players from the Groupees Space Bundle -- and again, apologies to all existing players on Desura for the tardiness of our updates there. We'll have the latest bits up very shortly, and you can always get the very latest directly from or Steam.

If you haven't heard, the game is getting a free expansion soon, which we're pretty excited about. Hop over to for details.

Thank you for playing Zigfrak!

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