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Fellow Pilots,

Here's the latest on Backyard BBQ[], Zigfrak's expansion in progress. Since the announcement, we have a much better grasp on the specifics. I am firming up the release date to "when it's ready", but the good news is that there will be two appetizer rounds. The overarching plan calls for two major pre-expansion releases, to get everything nice and ready for the actual expansion content.

Whistle Wettin' Pre-BBQ Feature Release

This release will introduce many expansion features, including skill trees, overhauled ship control, and navigable systems (aka "free roaming"). It will not include expansion content or second playthrough. It's looking good, and I hope to open this up for beta testing soon. Soon-ish-ish.

Hootenanny of a Pre-BBQ Engine Update

We want to stay current with Unity, the engine Zigfrak was built with. There are lots of good reasons to migrate to Unity 5, and we're going to do so before the expansion content drops. This is a pretty boring update on the surface, because the goal is to get the game back into the same playable state it was in for the feature release... but with some very welcome improvements, in areas such as physics performance, sound, and lighting.

Unity 5 raises minimum system requirements, and so finally must we, at the time of this release. I'm not sure of the exact specs, but will make sure this is communicated.

There will be a beta period for the engine update release.

Backyard BBQ

Finally, we're gonna have us a BBQ. This is where the expanded content and reitemized second playthrough will drop. Can't wait! Details are a closely guarded secret; there will be a closed beta prior to this release.

Thanks for reading! I hope to share the feature release with beta testers very soon. All pieces will be delivered when ready, we're cooking it low and slow.
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