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toxiC 20 Φεβ 2011 στις 4:54πμ 
email aqer94@wp.pl
toxiC 20 Φεβ 2011 στις 4:53πμ 
Hello Plz For Key I like worms and i want to check it out :p
TankJr87 8 Αυγ 2010 στις 2:48πμ 
i love WA and WWP, im waiting 26 :)
Ejs 2 Αυγ 2010 στις 3:30πμ 
Plz key, i like Worms
UlanaXY 29 Ιουλ 2010 στις 3:41μμ 
I love 2D Worms, plz give me beta kay.
FloBo 8 Μαϊ 2010 στις 8:44πμ 
key plz pleaaaaase
Ross 29 Απρ 2010 στις 8:49πμ 
PLZ Give me a key - mcdonald_ross5
Cookie of Doom +6 18 Απρ 2010 στις 3:26πμ 
key plz :)
i am waiting for 2D for few years
:#dziabniety 2 Απρ 2010 στις 9:00πμ 
ciekma@gmail.com PLZ, i really wanna play the game!
bat123 1 Απρ 2010 στις 4:54πμ 
key pleiase pr@team17.com steam id bat123