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Serial Role-Playing Game in 7 downloadable episodes.

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The game alternates real-time phases for dialog, world exploration and turn-based combat that requires reflection and strategy, with a choice of more than 100 skills for a unique confrontation with your destiny.
In this innovative game experience, each installment provides you with new elements in your character's adventure.
Totally immersed in Three-River Principality, you incarnate a fragile and vulnerable female character, with many hidden resources currently damaged by a troubling past. She is seeking answers.
Above and beyond the adventurous journey to the heart of Winter, your aim is to fight the character's personal demons and thus save her from herself.

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Winter Voices

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Welcome to Winter Voices' official group! We are thrilled to share our game with the extended Steam family and are looking forward to seing a thriving community here! Go ahead, don' be shy, feel free to share here your feelings, comments, rants, advice, tricks and —hopefully— tell us how much you enjoy the game...
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