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vrpill  [developer] Apr 28 @ 9:51pm 
Thanks for the feedback O_N_Y_X! It is really appreciated. I've passed it on to the team.
O_N_Y_X Apr 26 @ 1:12pm 
I hope the critique is recieved as helpful :-)
O_N_Y_X Apr 26 @ 12:53pm 
A fun Logo for example. Something as simple as a big vibrant-lively bold bubbly and fun looking Logo- VR CHAT! - chances the FEEL of the application. The Dugeon Hub is as drab and depressing as walking in a crematorium.A large majority of people enjoy interacting with objects- in fact the table and cubes are almost the number one activity in the hub, a close second to mirror posing and grouping together for "photo time" which happens very frequently.

There has been talk of a "Jenga" type game, as stacking cubes, and stacking bottles involves some degree of skill and users find it rewarding.

The Youtube intergration is fantastic. I hope this helps.

O_N_Y_X Apr 26 @ 12:53pm 
Given the hours people are clocking in this application- I have spent 66 already- it is clear the premise is fantastic. If you can start turning things up a notch it would be fantastic for everyone. The new Hub- for example is exciting for users. You have an opportunity here to become the leading social VR platform. That is a once in a lifetime window. I cannot help but have the impression the team have not yet realised what an enormous opportunity is available. It would bo great see VR chat lifiting its overall presentation and moving it out of this "under construction" mode as swifty as possible.Frame rates are an issue. To be completly honest the application is a bit souless and moderatly depressing as it lacks signs of genuine inspiration and excellence. Get the menus, colours and overall design looking and feeling optimistic and loose the generic sort of design and feel.