Toki Tori 2+ Demo Out Now!

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JWL | [伝説の弾幕] TITAN 2014年2月14日上午9:25 
Hi. It says the minimum requirement is a Windows 7 OS. I tried the demo on WinXP and it works. Would like to know if this will still work on the full game?
j4960s 2014年2月13日上午10:06 
both toki tori games are great i just wished they would fix the game busting bugs in this new version were was the QC were they sleeping
mgn. 2013年11月15日上午2:28 
TheRealDannyyy 2013年11月14日下午12:12 
I hope we get more Toki Tori fans with that
Shirokumo 2013年11月14日上午11:07