Toki Tori

Bubble Barrage Bonus Level Released!

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linlifang 28 avr. 2010 à 20h15 
dementedlullaby 20 avr. 2010 à 1h23 
WTB a level editor :D
Strycher 15 avr. 2010 à 0h17 
Been awhile now,are there no mroe updates or something? :/
Darkspark88 16 mars 2010 à 17h30 
It's like you read my mind. With the new command line update, Now I don't have to keep changing the graphics setting when I play Toki on my netbook. Because of the steam cloud, the setting (1 star) I used on my netbook would sync to my desktop and I have have to change it back to maximum graphics (3 stars)
Strycher 16 mars 2010 à 15h34 
Soüp 13 mars 2010 à 18h15 
Is anyone else having trouble since the update, EVERY time I end a level whether I complete it or just exit and when I first start up the game it gives me the message "Congratulations! by completing this level you have unlocked the bonus levels for this world."
CannibalBob 13 mars 2010 à 9h52 
Thanks for the level; I just beat it without using rewind at all!
RogerEMU 13 mars 2010 à 6h07 
Thanks guys!!!
Kreker 13 mars 2010 à 2h22 
PrimeTime 13 mars 2010 à 0h25 
Thanks for keep bringing new content to this great game! This one is a fine one, like it!