Toki Tori

Would you wear these Toki Tori t-shirts?

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DropTheBomb 13 Fev, 2012 às 10:45 
id totally wear the yellow one haha
Berlinwhale 1 Fev, 2012 às 9:26 
I want both, I where a mens small. much preesh
Az 27 Jan, 2012 às 15:11 
Awesome, i would buy these!
Artorias of the Abyss 27 Jan, 2012 às 12:03 
I like the designs and would wear them if i won but I'm not so big a fan that i would buy one...
Looney Tik 26 Jan, 2012 às 20:46 
not bad, not bad.
linuxjoe 26 Jan, 2012 às 19:29 
yep would wear both..
Benihana 26 Jan, 2012 às 10:18 
I'd wear the yellow one, I like bright colors with simple designs.
MyarSurtz 26 Jan, 2012 às 7:00 
I'd wear them.A bit of free advertising for the developers!
sciss0rz くコ:彡 26 Jan, 2012 às 0:30 
I'd wear both, but maybe only buy the yellow one.
Wrath 25 Jan, 2012 às 22:41 
Cute, but not my "style". :/