The Tower 2015 Edition: Pre-Alpha Access

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RobertGTO 1 hour ago 
i want the keys ,please
acopolis 6 hours ago 
I would love to contribute. I am one of the best brainstormers you will find. Bring it on. Please.
Shaggy 9 hours ago 
brittzilla 13 hours ago 
Damn too late to grab a key. Hopefully I can remember to grab on the cheap. Thanks guys!
Renyrda 13 hours ago 
Man... too late. :<
clockworksdragon 14 hours ago 
I needz key. I am wantz to play
Zuko77Elendil 14 hours ago 
Heh, so many people... Grant free keys and the dogs of Steam come running! Woof XD
whitefoux 14 hours ago 
Damn farr to late to get in on this haha
Yiffy For America 14 hours ago 
oh boy, paying full price for a PRE ALPHA!!!

definitely the way to get a solid reputation as a developer.
WastelandRogue 16 hours ago 
If there are any keys left I'd like to participate