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אורן ציפורן 7. dub. v 1.24 dop. 
yes............. why cant you search it?
there are 3 ways to join servers, all are easy.
EuroSamurai(CZ) 5. dub. v 1.36 odp. 
Should read this before buying game and servers are down and permanently from what i gathered .
New York bagels 3. dub. v 7.22 odp. 
How'd you join servers, none show up at all for me. Connect by ip?
אורן ציפורן 1. dub. v 11.02 dop. 
no and they wont, dont count on it.
i dont see the big problem, you can still join servers easily
SHOUBISHOCK 1. dub. v 8.05 dop. 
did u fix a least the server browser issue?
langlang04325 1. dub. v 5.46 dop. 
Rulin 1. dub. v 3.44 dop. 
No proper sequel is cruel enough
Tiveran 1. dub. v 3.00 dop. 
We would never be that cruel. ;D
stop the straight hate 1. dub. v 2.50 dop. 
stop the straight hate 1. dub. v 2.49 dop. 
nice i love april fools