Defense Crafting is live!

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Twenty3 Aug 22 @ 7:42pm 
I come back after a long break of this game to find all my hard work making a kick ass castle have now been ruined. My lvl 16 castle now has these shitty ass units and I had no money when I left. So now I have to rebuy my units from scatch and I can only have a handfull of the ones I liked since the rest are locked. So now I got a lvl 16 castle with like 5 snotters in it... fucking great Ubisoft. I would be more ok with this huge change if you gave us our money back for all the units we had but no just make them shity and weak and let all the new players have all the fun.
Ravarion Aug 18 @ 1:07pm 
Sounds interesting, thanks for the hard work.
Macgyver Aug 17 @ 2:12am 
UBISOFT, you ruin the game
[FR] Domly Aug 16 @ 8:49am 
Pay to win. Yes, it is. Agree with a lot of players here : TMQFEL is not a good game anymore.
Orion0330 Aug 14 @ 5:32am 
You should fire whoever came up with that idea to fix things. Seriously.
Odeon Aug 9 @ 10:58am 
Not gonna come back for that. Try harder.
Goldum99 Aug 9 @ 7:18am 
Because of the reset I don't play this game as much as I used to, but then I saw this and it just turned me off. This is a horrible idea, and will probably ruin everyone's castlesunless guess what? PAY PAY PAY PAY PAY OR CHICKEN TIME!!!!! Ubisoft please reconsider this monstrosity of an idea, or else this game will be Super Monday Night Combat all over again.
Inspektor Aug 5 @ 9:56pm 
Ingamestores are the worst thing u can do to an game (it does not matter what u sell there)..a game a game IS a "fair competition", see natural selection.What i also dont understand, for a good game today people pay u any price. If u ask they donate..They build ya all up on kickstarter projects and hell knows what other support goes to the gaming industry so what about that greedy free to play if u would do it for the ones that couldnt afford the game otherwhise.
Sasha Aug 5 @ 7:23am 
Guys PLEASE Delete chickenpox, its horrible, everything else is amazing.the chickenpox makes you waste your money witch nobody likes.
Ninja Aug 4 @ 8:18pm 
(continuing) It's as if whoever is making these content decisions doesn't even care to play test for 5 minutes before they rush updates out the door for their consumers... It is easy to see that the idea of selling Material packs was this update's only goal, everything else in it is just a lousy way to try and divert the player community's attention from their ugly purpose. This game was going in a good direction up until now, but maybe it might come back to the right track next update...maybe.