[Maintenance Completed] Patch Notes

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badginga Mar 4 @ 7:06am 
new one today " end attack error. oh no!" oops! we werent able to send attack results to the server... that means stuck in the same dungeon over and over till it" can send it
badginga Mar 4 @ 6:50am 
game crashes alote on the end of the levels (dungeons/castles) missions
win7 x64 8gb ram ddr3 1600 sata3 disk 8gbps 2 radeon in crossfire 5770
Nok!o Mar 4 @ 3:03am 
WHY CAN'T I LOG IN! Damn! It keep saying: "There was an error authenticating you with the game server." Mrgrgr!
HavokMyth Mar 3 @ 8:18pm 
Update works fine, but i still cannot register or log in. Says there was an error half the time. Other half the time it says the server is busy and to try back later.
randomletters Mar 3 @ 7:16pm 
the other day, a few hours after I updated it, Steam said the game needed to be updated but when I try to update it I get a message that says "an error occurred while updating the The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (disk read error)" I would appreciate it if someone would help me with this problem
MazarRackham Mar 3 @ 3:19pm 
I'm having a problem Registering for this game. I input Email, Password, and D.O.B. I accept the Terms and Conditions required, and it consistantly denies my registration. "An Error occurred during registration, Please try again." This is the Error message.
[SSF]nobody Mar 3 @ 2:59am 
why were the aggrocircles changed ??
I liked the desing before the patches mre and also that you can see the limit per group pls add this again :D
Magic Man Mar 2 @ 9:18pm 
yes it said that i need a key do i or is it a bug
Thefinalclue Mar 2 @ 5:43pm 
yeah im in the same boat as prime i ran out of blue shit doing raise your defences and cannot sell traps or minions and only need 3 more defense points with 3 blue things left. so i cant play the game at this point, hope they figure something out. will be fun to try.
PrimeNovus Mar 2 @ 2:18pm 
How about fixing the dumb ass tutorial bug "raise your defenses" give everyone 1k gems or some shyt