The Ball

Mystery Monday - The End!

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CONAN_Fabrice 8 oct 2010 à 13h50 
Yes Hourences, "The Ball" and some sleep for Teotl people first :)
IzayoiKagemaru 8 oct 2010 à 13h27 
W00t Got my prize keys Good show Sjoerd! Now one lucky friend will recieve one KF copy har har.
Hourences 8 oct 2010 à 13h20 
Yes probably at some point. No date yet for that, depends on how much time we have next week and the week after.
CONAN_Fabrice 8 oct 2010 à 12h45 
Hourences, will there be a post with all answers explained?
TJF588 8 oct 2010 à 11h05 
Congratulations to those persistent and clever enough to brave through those steps. What a great way to get The Ball rollin'!
Hourences 8 oct 2010 à 9h17 
Contest has come to an end! All prizes are gone!

All recent winners will be contacted soon.
possessedCow 7 oct 2010 à 19h11 
And I just got it. That was really fun.
possessedCow 7 oct 2010 à 19h08 
Stuck on the last one, but I can't stop now.
hadeano 7 oct 2010 à 16h44 
hourences, please release another hint to 4
possessedCow 7 oct 2010 à 16h07 
Was stuck on #3, went away for a couple hours, got it immediately. Guess my brain just needed to relax.