New Update! Text Chat and more...

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Mugetsu 2014年1月13日 9時29分 
Will be there Global chat in the Multiplayer menu?
Whyte.Oni 2014年1月7日 18時58分 
I have to echo Casper. My wife and I love to play after having enjoyed the tabletop experience at a friend's house. Once we were the nubes, but now our digital exploits strike fear in the hearts of our IRL, tabletop board game playing brothren.
CasperTFG 2014年1月1日 23時44分 
Thanks for bringing my wife and i closer these last days and keep up the damn good work.
Earthshrine 2013年12月22日 5時32分 
THX keep up the good work! Marry Christmas to u all ! =)
Goberlick 2013年12月20日 22時43分 
kaworu 2013年12月20日 6時03分 
merry xmas and i want to get Reaper if good allignment is needed - no problem