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This is the place to chat about Talisman Digital Edition with other players. Games can be arranged, achievements shouted about and swords crossed.

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The Firelands expansion has been added. Those who forged the Crown have returned! This expansion adds 81 new Adventure Cards, 19 new Spell Cards, 19 Terrain Cards, 3 Alternative Ending Cards, 4 new character cards and 34 firelands tokens representing the expanding conquest of the Ifrit across the land.

There's a few new features and tweaks added;

- New house rule added - 'No Werewolf' allows you to switch the Werewolf NPC from The Blood moon off.
- Two new levels of zoom added - extreme close-up and far out. Woah!
- Changed how cards on a space are presented, making it easier to see each card when there are lots of cards on a space.

We’ll be publishing a blog describing The Firelands expansion and its new rules on our website[] in the next few days.
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