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This is the place to chat about Talisman Digital Edition with other players. Games can be arranged, achievements shouted about and swords crossed.

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It's been a busy year here at Nomad Games and we still have much work to do responding to suggestions and fixing problems that crop up. There will be an update coming soon that addresses various issues so we appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, courtesy of Steam, the days over Christmas are a great time to buy any Talisman products and make some savings. We also have Backgammon Blitz, for those of you who like this classic game, and our Seasonal card game, Lapland Solitaire which is fun for all the family.

Thanks again to all those who have supported us by buying Talisman, and all those taking the time to help us refine it. We are extending our license with Games Workshop, which means years of development for the game are now possible. We'll also be looking to see how we can enhance the game itself and there will be news to follow on that front soon.

In the meantime Nomad Games wishes you all the best for the holidays and we look forward to speaking with you all in 2016.

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