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This is the place to chat about Talisman Digital Edition with other players. Games can be arranged, achievements shouted about and swords crossed.

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The biggest Talisman update ever!!!

The City Expansion -
The City adds a whole new region to explore at the top-left of the board, plus 6 characters, 82 City Cards, lots of new decks and 3 Alternative Ending Cards.

Also in this expansion -

The maximum number of players is now 6. This required the UI to be re-designed to fit the new players in. Characters are now shown on the left side of the screen.
Below the list of characters is a new button with a ? on it. Use this button to toggle on/off every character's cards.
Click a character's portrait (small square icon) to view that character's cards individually. You can also use keys 1-6 to view/hide a character's cards.
At the bottom-right of the screen is a new 'More Decks' button. Press this to see every deck in use in the current game. Glowing decks can be chosen to view the cards in it.

AI Speed Increase - in most games, the AI speed only goes up to 10. Whereas in Talisman, it now goes all the way up to 11. That's one faster. Recommended for experts only!

The amount of XP earned for completing online games has increased.

Many thanks to beta testers who helped us a great deal with this expansion.

Lots of bug fixes and AI improvements.
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