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This is the place to chat about Talisman Digital Edition with other players. Games can be arranged, achievements shouted about and swords crossed.

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Hey all!

v. 56887 should now be available for update.

So, it's a fairly small patch today but with some very important fixes in.

I'll list the changes below but just to highlight - the main thrust of this patch is to address the Unmatched Choices errors that a lot of online users have been experiencing. It's been super messy and it's taken a lot of effort to address these problems but we're quite confident that this patch should see a dramatic improvement to the online stability. There's a chance people may still occasionally see these problems (if you do, please report them!) but from this patch Unmatched Choices should be rare errors. Please give us feedback on this and let us know if you've seen any improvements!

Updates and Changes

  • No longer able to cancel teleporting after defeating the Eagle King
  • Gladiator's armour ability now works in character battles
  • Gauntlet ending will now work correctly with the dragon tower
  • Achievements are now working for the android version.
  • Dream Singer should no longer block when you have nothing to place the token on
  • Crash fix for when a player uses the Hand of Midas on the Torchbearer follower.
  • Spy should no longer be able to teleport into Jail with the Hearthstone.

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