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Half-Life 2 Cooperative Modification
Synergy enables you to play the Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 campaigns, as well as other third-party singleplayer campaigns cooperatively with your friends.

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Just a heads up. We'll try our best to keep you guys updated as much as possible.
Our coder has thrown a few updates in the past week that fixes a few issues (no changelog for that),
As you know we barely post news and updates on what's going on. We'll try to keep our changes in order.

Rebel rush event is not yet scheduled. I will keep you posted.

Every week I or another team member will be posting some updates/changelogs.
Just to keep you guys in the "know".

Thank you so much for being a part of Synergy till this very day.
We hope to release some crazy new things very soon.

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