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Half-Life 2 Cooperative Modification
Synergy enables you to play the Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 campaigns, as well as other third-party singleplayer campaigns cooperatively with your friends.

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Version 55:
  • Fixed "Closing pack file with -1 open files!" error when changing to the same level in most cases.
  • Improved level load times under most conditions.
  • Fixed a significant memory leak when changing levels.
  • Added a Player Model chooser to the main menu to fix the random player model bug; displays model while in-game.
  • Reworked -includepath to be additive rather than a replacement for the default paths. Synergy will first search the default paths while searching for mounted games then search in each path specified in -includepath in order. To add multiple paths: delimit each with a semi-colon (;) (e.g. -includepath "D:/steam/steamapps/common;D:/steam/steamapps/sourcemods;E:/OtherDirectory" etc)
  • Added mp_reset cvar for puzzle maps: prevents reverting to last checkpoint when all players die.
  • Started to keep Demo Viewer branches for old demos under the betas tab.
  • Added sv_motd_disable, cl_motd_disable and motd commands.
  • Added HudHints for player abilities (Healing, giving ammo, etc).
  • Fixed players sometimes not getting teleported to other players when interacting with physics objects.
  • Renamed sv_net_optimize_gibbing cvar to breakable_multiplayer_npc and now effects all NPCs (This forces NPC gibs to be client-side to help reduce network bandwidth)
  • Fixed weapon_pistol fire animation not playing on other players and in third-person.
  • Fixed scoring not counting Strider kills with the Magnuson device and planted combine mines.
  • Fixed players in a vehicle being deleted when the vehicle itself was artificially deleted.
  • Fixed player icon health color being skewed a bit.
  • Fixed Hammer not loading for new installs since previous update.
  • Fixed gravity gun from hitting some things that it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a few uncommon server crashes.
  • Fixed trigger_once::OnStartTouch output being able to fire multiple times if multiple players touch it at the same time.
  • Fixed being able to damage other players with combine mines.
  • Fixed slams from attaching to non-static stuff.
  • Players will now drop items on disconnect and remaining armor when they die.
  • Props that break near barnacles will create server-side gibs for proper interaction.
  • Fixed crossbow and bugbait behaving sporadically on some servers.
  • Added VR options to main menu when applicable.
  • Added some minor EDT features.
  • Removed Cheat flags from the following cmds: stopsound, cl_drawhud, r_drawviewmodel .
  • Enabled Advanced options in the Multiplayer tab.
  • Updated Donors.
Intermediary Updates:
  • Fixed a very common client crash related to vehicles.
  • Fixed a level change error regression on d1_town_05.

Version 55a:
  • Fixed players getting kicked out of Crane vehicles during a save.
  • Fixed a crash regression when handbreaking in some vehicles and with HudHints.
  • Fixed Mac/Linux not launching.
  • Fixed crash when selecting Donor Features menu button when not a donor.
  • Fixed players sometimes getting invalid grenade amounts.
  • Fixed some weapons not showing up on the player correctly.
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