Synergy Update Released

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The Doodly Smoogley May 27 @ 2:40pm 
needs hl1 source support Blackmesa has more support for on this game when you mount it than hl source does as soon as Sven 2 coop comes synergey is gona die :C
DaftMink Feb 20 @ 6:48pm 
Fix custom gun sounds, they worked before thie cruddy update.
Now though they break b/c of the dumb vpk archive.
mяKIPhaseя Feb 13 @ 9:43am 
In what way has hamme been fixed?
N3tRunn3r #BFBC2 Feb 12 @ 7:19am 
Mauritsio Feb 12 @ 4:42am 
Damn, good stuff.
Smash! Feb 12 @ 2:47am 
also, the "Significantly reduced Synergy's download size"
for those of us who are not devs, or expereince with file manipulation,
how do we " edit the loose files... to the correct path ??????????????
Smash! Feb 12 @ 2:03am 
with the " new update " its now screwd things up. Its playing very weird.
i can't see my weapons. Its playing with head bobs. i can sometimes see from inside my avvies skull. I wish i'd never applied the latest update. or have it be optional anyway.
iN3krO Feb 11 @ 6:33pm 
When will you add support to blackmesa source? I tried to play it by loading the map from the console but there were no NPCs and i couldnt interact with anything at all. Even the HEV suit was SOLID.
Six Feet Lobster Feb 11 @ 6:19pm 
please add version information for steam web API:
☆Myth[Alex] ツ Feb 11 @ 6:00pm 
Thank you for the update. Any news regarding future content you told us last year? :-\