Supreme Ruler 1936 Update 8.0.38 Available

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chrisahl Mar 14 @ 6:20pm 
Slightly, but if you have update 7.3.7 speed is no long an issue for SR Cold War. If you do feel your having speed issues, start a thread so we can get more details.
gr-monaco Mar 14 @ 12:29pm 
Is this one faster than supreme ruler: cold war?
Glendaal Mar 10 @ 7:04am 
@mrkurog steam keeps your games up to date all the time
Herbzie Mar 9 @ 9:36am 
Good work BattleGoat, keep the improvments coming :)
mrkurog Mar 6 @ 6:41pm 
where do you get the update?
anthead Mar 6 @ 3:20am 
Country Name for Map on zoom out please.
=CM= SBG. Brachra Mar 6 @ 12:35am 
One thing I would like to request, Mouse-over text for the icons on the UI.
StoutCrusher Mar 5 @ 6:06pm 
There is an East AfricaIT in Sandbox mode that serves no purpose. You start the game and advance the time a few days to lose. There is no population, no land, no anything. Why is it there then?
Any projected time to when we can get a United Kingdom Campaign, the tab is there and I can't select it.
Learnandburn Mar 5 @ 4:51pm 
please add some sort of liberation option and territory return. Set AI to return traditional lands to allies, and liberate traditional defeated allies please.
Zeiler Mar 5 @ 8:14am 
thanks for the auto repair :D