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Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world...then kill them!

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Subspace Continuum is the longest running massively multiplayer online game. Player run, 100% free to play, always. From the players, for the players. Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world, then kill them!

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A series of changes and fixes have been released for the Steam version.

  • Banner pack added.
  • Map/LVZ Editor pack added in Continuum/editors.
  • Updated the following graphics with HD versions: background images, top-right display, health bar, asteroids, repel, star #7, warp flash.
  • Big bullets now enabled by default.
  • Original graphics available in Continuum/graphics/Original Graphics pack
  • Sounds updated to HD versions (past update).
  • Lower-quality sounds available in Continuum/sound/Low-fi Soundpack
  • All zone assets updated to match current zone files.
  • Installer now links to setup and gameplay video guides.
  • Removing "Modern" key configuration from installer choices. (Still available in key configuration menu.)
  • Better-looking desktop icon.
  • 3D sound off by default.

  • Existing registry keys will no longer be overwritten.
  • Default resolution on high-end machines will max out at 1920x1080.

Future plans

This brings us very close to being able to start our first Visibility Round on Steam. While a "relaunch" with 500K guaranteed impressions is no longer possible, Visibility Rounds should still give us a way to expose the game to a much larger audience that already has an interest in similar games. We are tentatively planning the first Visibility Round for the end of August.

Thanks for your patience! See you in Subspace.
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