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Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world...then kill them!

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Subspace Continuum is the longest running massively multiplayer online game. Player run, 100% free to play, always. From the players, for the players. Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world, then kill them!

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Yes, we're still kicking!
You may have noticed more regular updates to Subspace Continuum here on Steam lately, after a long hiatus. Yes, we've been busy, and more is on the way!

Here are the goals behind the recent series of updates, with some specific information about how we'd like to accomplish them.
  • Increasing the usability of the client. We're attempting to overcome some of the more difficult-to-use aspects. For example:
    • Creating a unique user profile can be challenging, given the old-fashioned nature of Continuum, so the installer and Tip of the Day now include information on creating a new account (soon to be updated with either a graphic or video tutorial).
    • The classic keyboard config can be difficult to use. We've added options for 2 new keyboard definitions specifically designed for people who've never played this game before. And they're designed to work even on most modern laptops, which notoriously force you to use Fn with the F1-12 keys, and don't have easy access to keys like End, Insert, Delete, etc., which the default key configuration relies on.
  • Increasing compatibility. Currently the game has trouble running perfectly out of the box on all operating systems. We'd like to change that. For example, the long-standing issue of being resolution-locked to 1024x768 on some systems should now be resolved. Unfortunately, as volunteer developers, we don't have access to a large variety of testing systems, so compatibility tests are limited to users themselves! We very humbly ask that you report any issues you have. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. As a community, we can make this work, but only as a community.
  • Faster downloads. Downloading in-game is always a bit slow. We are working on creating an automatically-updating repository of all zone assets, so that you can have them instantly downloaded and never have to wait to enter! This also opens up a wealth of zone development possibilities using higher-quality assets, and creates a big advantage to using the Steam version.
  • Re-releasing on Steam. The rumors are true! Steam allows 3 total "releases." We are gearing up to release again.

Thank you again for everyone who has stood by this game for so long. As an entirely volunteer-run, community-managed project, it's incredible we're still going strong after so long. It's thanks to people like you, who still love it after so many years, and recognize how unique it is among games today. And, hey, if you haven't stopped in for a bit, why not come in and say hi (or DIE!) to your old friends?

See you in-game.
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