Announcement: Alpha 9 Feature Preview

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Hans Zimmer Mar 23 @ 11:17am 
EAC Kick is starting to become way to much. Rip.
[Insert Here] Mar 18 @ 10:40pm 
i wish i could lose sleep over this but I would wake up my parents and cause ww3
Deringor 5.0 Mar 18 @ 10:09pm 
Oh god now I am sure to lose sleep with this new update.
BlueDog Mar 18 @ 9:46pm 
right meow
Slurpee Mar 18 @ 8:18pm 
Cant wait!
Themule08 Mar 18 @ 2:32pm 
all sound like great updates..thanks!! Any update or looking into the sniper sights? They are still off.. also bullet drop would be a very welcomed addition to this game
MikeG Mar 18 @ 1:50pm 
H.E. Pennypacker Mar 18 @ 1:48pm 
US needs AT4, SRAW, Javelin or something. Or an AT Stryker but either way hurry up! We are excited for this patch
[vU]Korpen Mar 18 @ 1:15pm 
More of OP-first light would also be lovely :D
[vU]Korpen Mar 18 @ 1:15pm 
Would love to see more "Sumarii-maps" later on :)