Alpha 9.9

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IAmJuicyGio Sep 15 @ 6:58pm 
fix the fake sounds that leads to nowhere,its so frustrating please take it off sometimes i dont know where its coming from and to turn out to be fake noise......no take it off please
Henry Sep 15 @ 2:13pm 
THank you Gerg we are very happy with this small little bump in the quality of life pls keep workin on those performance patch im running a gtx1060 6gb vram with an i7 6700k 4.0 ghz and getting around 50 to over 60 fps [and sometimes even below 50] with the computer that i have that is not satisfying. Keep in mind that this is before the new 9.9 patch that we got on 8th of september gonna check out dem new patch!
Rebel Revolver Sep 15 @ 1:49pm 
be normal. have fun. life's shorter than you think. Blink...and poof. my name jeff.
DeadFox Sep 15 @ 1:43pm 
Cry more faggot
Battletard Sep 15 @ 1:40pm 

If your PC meets requirements you should be fine. I played PR for years before Squad came out. These devs dont fuck around. I wouldnt expect similar issues to other alphas on Steam from Squad.
~BlackBeard~ Sep 15 @ 7:13am 
Just bought the game! (Still downloading actually lol @65% COME ON COME ON!!!) I just hope I dont have a failure to launch or any other crazy stuff happen. Id hate to have to refund a game Ive been wanting for months now.
Mayrbek Sep 15 @ 6:45am 
AviolentStorm, you okay?
Belgarion Sep 15 @ 5:30am 
ow and @AVioletStorm,

Please seek psychological help! because this is not normal behaviour.
Belgarion Sep 15 @ 5:28am 
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jeez dude chill. I believe its against the rules to go polical...
AViolentStorm Sep 15 @ 3:43am 
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