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Spiral Knights

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This is the official Community Group for Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights

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Rose Regalia!

Tales have long been told, songs have long been sung, about the adventures of the Knights of the Rose. Members of this order have been known to sweep into battle when all hope of winning seemed lost, render assistance, bow with a flourish, and depart without waiting to be thanked.

Think you have what it takes to join the Knights of the Rose? Can you handle a life of danger and intrigue? Then you'll need to look the part, recruit! To that end, we bring you the latest in Rose Regalia costume items from the Rose Regalia Returns Prize Box:
  • Tabard of the Amethyst Rose
  • Tabard of the Citrine Rose
  • Tabard of the Prismatic Rose
  • Chapeau of the Amethyst Rose
  • Chapeau of the Citrine Rose
  • Chapeau of the Prismatic Rose
Each Rose Regalia Returns Prize Box also includes Confetti!

For all the details, please direct your unblinking gaze here[]. These items are available through August 12, 2014.
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