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Spiral Knights

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Spiral Knights

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TO: All Knights

FROM: Spiral HQ

SUBJECT: Seeing Stars


Spiral HQ's continuing research into surviving the Clockworks has produced a stunning new set of helms, armors and accessories which may confuse, and perhaps daze, enemies you encounter. With the right combination of accessories and weapons, your enemies will be seeing stars! Literally! The Dazed Prize Box is available through May 5, 2015, and contains such items as:

- Dazed helms and armors
- Dazed accessories
- Dazed Seeing Stars Halo
- Dazed Stunning Shades
- Dazed Stagger Star
- Prismatic Seeing Stars Halo
- Prismatic Stunning Shades
- Prismatic Stagger Star
- Dazed Aura

SUMMARY: Knock yourselves out with Dazed armor, helms, and accessories! Get all the details right here[].

P.S. May induce extended periods of hebetation. Alleviate symptoms by spinning in place in Haven.
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